Your People Will Have Proved Themselves Obedient to Yahweh’s Laws

Yisrayl Hawkins details prophecies for these Last Days…

Psalm 110:2
2. Yahweh will send the Rod…

What in the world is the Rod?

Well, of course, you’ve got to know the Prophecies to know what the Rod is. I’ve got it written at the top of my Book of Yahweh, may you do too, in Psalm 110.

It means branch. Strong’s can show you this mattab. It means branch.

I’ll send My Branch, My Chosen Branch.
His name is Yisrayl.
That’s what Yahweh says his name is.
He’s one of the Two Witnesses. I will send him

Psalm 110:2
2. Yahweh will send the Rod of Your Strength…

Well, what is the Strength?

My Strength is My Laws, My Statutes, My Judgments that I am giving to mankind.

That’s the strength and all things can be done through this love that it teaches. All things can be accomplished through it.

But you’ve got to prove that you will bring this Strength forth.

Psalm 110:2-3
2. Yahweh will send the Rod of Your Strength out of Zion. You will rule in the midst of Your enemies!
3. Your People will have proved themselves obedient to the Laws on the day You go forth in Power. They will unite with You, arrayed in their Holy Garments. Like the morning dew, they will completely cover the earth, governing with You…

Yes, that’s, of course, the resurrection and the covering the earth, it’s at the resurrection where all who have been, who actually lived by Yahweh’s Laws will be resurrected and won’t be hurt by any second death. Not ever. Not ever. Praise Yahweh!

Psalm 110:4-5
4. Yahweh has vowed an oath, and will not relent nor change His mind: You are a Priesthood forever after the order of Melchizedek… (The Righteous Priest and King.)
5. The Rulers and Kings at Your Right Hand, O Yahweh, will strike through… (You can mark out the added words there.) … kings in the Day of His Judgment…

In that day.

Well, this is the Day of His Judgment.

Judgment has come, Revelation 10:9, I believe it is.

The nations were angry. Of course, we see this. Extremely angry is what it should be right there. Over-exhausting themselves with hatred and anger, willing to destroy the whole earth, all of mankind, just to keep Iran from building a bomb or because we some oil somewhere or something.

Psalm 110:5
5. The Rulers and Kings at Your Right Hand, O Yahweh, will strike through kings in the Day of His Judgment…

The word strike it means dipped.

They will baptize.

They will actually be baptizing is what that phrase means, but they put strike and we did too.
Strike through, baptize … the kings in the Day of His Judgment…

The kings of the nations or kings of the heathen. One says gentiles, but it’s actually heathen – who do not believe in Your Laws.

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