“You Cannot Have Your Brother’s Wife” (Mark 6:18)

The words of the prophets explained by Yisrayl Hawkins in the Book of Yisrayl …

Isayah 44:19 … And none considers logically… Confusion has set in. It’s got a firm grip now in the Last Days, as prophesied in Genesis 49:1

Look down to verse 25; I am the One Who frustrates the signs of the false prophets…

Yes, it’s very frustrating when you’re sitting on the King’s Bench and Yahchanan (John the Baptist or Immerser) walks up to you, this guy that you wanted to find out about because you heard he was a prophet.
And he walks up to you and the first words out of his mouth is, it’s not right that you have your brother’s wife and he wanted to kill him. For telling him the truth, he wanted to kill him.

Yahshua (the Messiah) came telling the truth too and he wanted to kill Him. So you can see the frustration in the Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes who controlled, by the way, Jerusalem and the temple and everything at that time.

The people in Galilee didn’t control any of this. They came as a witness against it, a witness against what was going on in Yahweh’s House. Yeremyah (the Prophet Jeremiah) said, in his prophecy, I have seen even in my own House the prophets of deceit. They commit adultery.

Well that’s what the king was doing and Yahchanan pointed this out to him. I’m sure he said, don’t you remember the words of Yeremyah saying you shouldn’t have your brother’s wife?

Well, they chose to forget it and they wanted everyone else to.

They did have the Laws of Mosheh (Moses) taught. That was a Law that they teach it and they couldn’t stop it because the people demanded it. So they kept doing it. They had to fulfill this as long as the temple stood. But they said, if the temple does not stand, we don’t have to do this anymore, so they made plans to destroy the temple, which was also prophesied that they would do. They would. The army would stand on his part and they would come and destroy the temple and plow it like a field.

Now, all that was prophesied about this group here.

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