Yisrayl Hawkins Says A False Declaration Of Peace Will Be Dedicated To The Goddess of Peace Then Sudden Destruction Will Come


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer of The House of Yahweh has written proof that the peace treaty, the last part of the 7 year peace plan, is about to be signed and gives details about the horrors that will come next in books he has published that are now available for anyone.


Middle East talks of peace are increasing and prophecy is being fulfilled. We are seeing the finishing touches to the Oslo Accord; this last part will be the catalyst that will trigger nuclear exchange between the nations.


The peace treaty will be signed and the nations will declare there is now peace, true peace. Mary will get the credit for it, and then nuclear war will take place. The prophecies are sure.


I wrote about the details of these prophecies in The Mark of The Beast book in 1986. Everything in that book is coming to pass. You have to read these books to know what is coming very soon now.


The three books are entitled “The Mark of the Beast”, “The End”, and “Birth of the Nuclear Baby – The Explosion of Sin”. The House of Yahweh has published all these books.


The words recorded in the bible were written for us in this last generation. The Savior warned of this time period, as did the prophets. Anyone who is looking to educate him or herself and literally add up scriptures to see what the end of man’s governments will be like needs to read these books.


When I wrote the Mark of the Beast in 1986, I explained the prophecy of the 7-year peace treaty. That prophecy did not come to pass until September 13, 1993.


The timeline is detailed in these books. They show the peace treaty being signed in 1993. It has followed its course as outlined by the prophets thousands of years ago. Seeing the timeline will show the facts that are built on proof. No one who studies them can deny it is the truth.


This will be a time period of devastation and everyone needs to prepare now by knowing what to expect, and how to escape.


You will only find truth about these prophecies at The House of Yahweh; you will only find the prophesied protection from these horrors to come, at The House of Yahweh.


Get these books. You will not regret it. The information is vital.


To find out about the three books Yisrayl Hawkins is referring to visit their web site and request three books explaining end times prophecy. Visit www.yahweh.com or www.yisraylhawkins.com.


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