Yisrayl Hawkins, An Inspired Inspiration

by Worth a Grain of Salt

Any preacher worth a grain of salt is going to teach some Scripture! How many do? Any teacher worth a grain of salt is going to teach the congregation the basics of study and how to! How many of these do? Any father worth a grain of salt is going to take great care and concern in his household! How many of them do? Yisrayl Hawkins does! I know, you say, “naturally you say these things, because you love him.” Yes, that’s true, but I didn’t when I first heard of him, but it didn’t take me long to see (perceive) the man I came to love. So I ask, do you have to love him as I do to see him? I say, no, let’s look at the facts as I saw them first.

The November 1997 edition of Hard Copy was my very first knowledge of Yisrayl Hawkins. I only saw a minute or two of the interview. The statement was put to him about changing his name from Buffalo Bill to Yisrayl. This caught my interest as I was very much interested in names and their meaning. The Seventh Day Baptist Church I was attending at that time encouraged the study of the Scriptures. My life was such a mess that study was a great comfort for me. I was past the basics of names and was thirteen years into what I thought was keeping the Sabbath. These thirteen years of four hours a day of study didn’t even give me a clue about the Sabbath. At that time, I called myself a Sabbatarian until I realized that it was a phrase coined to identify the followers of a false prophet named Sabatine. This greatly increased my interest in names. He said that Yahweh had changed his name. Whoa now! I had surely seen that name in my four-hour study but still thought it was the translation “I am that I am” I thought of Popey. It wasn’t long before my eyes popped out literally when I started looking a big deeper. I got out my book of names and naturally Buffalo wasn’t in it, so I had to go to Strong’s. I found what I needed to show me it was accurate to translate that name to Yisrayl as Yahweh had done. At that time, I thought Yahweh was the god of Israel as the books say. My point is that my teacher and preacher, as much as he tried, couldn’t give me what he didn’t have, which was inspiration.

Now I had enough to want more information. I had this little seed planted when about a month later my boyfriend saw a Book of Yahweh, and this ultimately led me to the House of Yahweh in 1998. I saw pictures on the walls of Yisrayl Hawkins promoting the Peaceful Solution. This was an interesting subject, but I thought it was strange to get away from the Scriptures and focus on that.
Coming from fifty years of hate, war, disease and destruction, it’s no wonder it took another ten years of Yisrayl teaching Scriptures and Laws, preaching Scriptures and Prophets, cleansing oils, healing oils, and study of the Peaceful Solution. He taught us how to dedicate ourselves to this. He did all that a teacher, preacher and father worth a grain of salt should do. I remember many years ago at the dinner table, hearing him talk about the 24-hour school he wanted for the little children. It sounded great, but I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying. It took a few years (seven) after that of him waiting for enough to get ready to hear him.

None of these things, however, is what made me learn to love this man as I do. These things are his job. This is what any man that says he wants to preach, teach and father does.

What kept me here and inspires me now is the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. This is Yahweh’s Plan and Laws. Yisrayl Hawkins got it and was inspired to show this way of Peace to us. Trying so hard to live the 613 Laws, I had lost sight of the basics. He showed us how not to steal—not just teaching us the Commandment, but taking it below the blank scale to the innermost being what ownership is and far beyond that. Many hours of study, reflection, patience, love, organizing.

All this he did, when he was the only one. Many followed quickly to help him. Phew! Soon he had the books on the way; then classes, workshops, preparing us a little here and a little there. These are the things that made me grow to love him. No, there is no one out there anywhere like Yisrayl Hawkins, because he didn’t make himself the way he turned out to be. Yahweh made this man. I have been a witness to this for fourteen years. The fifty years before this, I witnessed the rest. Then Yahweh showed me the best. I used to tease that I had been baptized in so many different churches, starting in 1966, that my feet and hands were starting to web.

Many, many years ago I was listening to a sermon cassette tape. There was a spot with a pause and my mind kept going off on thoughts. It was enough to make me lose all concentration on the subject matter. When I realized, I had to sit down and focus on that spot. After another four or five times, I still didn’t get past it with my mind on the subject. I decided to run it back and play to the spot, stop the tape, pray and focus all my attention. I turned the volume up really loud and placed my ear close. It still took two or tree more times, but I finally got it. He was whispering a prayer asking Yahweh to help him say it so we could understand. This is the care and concern Yisrayl Hawkins has for us.

Being like him is my goal.

For more information visit www.yahweh.com or www.yisraylhawkins.com

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  1. George Gaither says:

    He have been a blessing to me and open my eyes to what the Church really is. I thank him for being a light is darkness

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