Yahweh’s House in the Last Days

Yisrayl Hawkins expounds on Last Days prophecy. Excerpt from sermon given on 11/26/2011…

Now in the Last Days, He says, “I’m going to establish My House in the chief of the nations.” … It will be raised above all congregations …

Well, of course, we know that all the congregations, as Revelation 12:9 shows, are deceived, deceived by Satan.

Now if you’ll write down 1 John 3:4-8, you will see that sin is the breaking of the Laws.

And then in 1 John 3:7 it says don’t let anyone deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous.

In Deuteronomy 6:25, He said this is your righteousness if you will do it.

The apostles didn’t do away with the Laws of Yahweh. The prophets didn’t do away with them. Only the beastly system as it’s called, which is the Catholic Church, they did away with them, as prophecy showed they would.

The three religions, the Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes, rabbis as they are known, they did away with the religion of Yahweh.

So Yahweh is going to raise His House. It’s going to be above all congregations.

Back to Isayah 2:1-2
1… and all peoples will eventually flow to it.
2 And many nations will come, and say; Come, and let us go up to the mountain; uplifting, of Yahweh, and to the House of the Father of Yaaqob; and He will teach us of His Ways, and we will walk in His Paths. Because the Laws will depart from Zion…

Yes, Zion’s going to be plowed like a field. [Micahyah 3:12]

Hold your place right there and turn over to Mattithyah 21:43. They’ll flow to The House of Yahweh because that’s where the Laws are taught. Look, the Savior’s speaking now in Mattithyah 21:43
43 Therefore I say to you: The Kingdom of Yahweh will be taken from you…

He shows before this, as the prophets did, that they had turned to sin. They wouldn’t keep Yahweh’s Laws so Yahshua says, Therefore I say to you: the Kingdom of Yahweh will be taken from you and given to a people of the same habit, but from a foreign land…

The prophets said the end of the earth, the end of the earth. Well, of course, America—that’s the last land established and Oklahoma was the end, the last land ever to be established of the whole earth, the end of the earth.

Back to Micahyah 4:2-3
2 … Because the Laws will depart from Zion and the Word of Yahweh from Yerusalem.
3 And He will judge between many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off…

That is, He will bring them to His House.

Now, that’s a prophecy.

Remember now, this prophecy Micahyah gave about 710 years before the Savior was born, 710 years. It didn’t come to pass [Zion plowed like a field Micahyah 3:12] until 70 c.e., about, somehwhere around forty years after the Savior was dead, but it came to pass.

Now he gives the one for the Last Days and lo and behold, His House was established by two brothers, Who Yahweh calls Two Witnesses and gives their names.

You know, anyone can say they’re the Witnesses. I’ve known several that have said that. Dick and Jane could call themselves the Witnesses. Herbert and Ted did. Dick and Ted did.

If they would read the Holy Scriptures… they would know that one of the Witnesses had to die—hold your place, go back to Isayah 43.

Why wouldn’t they have known that one of the Witnesses was going to be put to death? That left only one light on the Seven Lamp Lampstand burning. After that Witness did the Work prophesied of him, coming back from the east, after seven years trying to get Israyl to repent, he comes back and Yahweh allows him to die. It’s given, I just read it..

Isayah 43:28
28 Therefore, I will dissolve the Levitical Priesthood; and will give Yaaqob to the curse, and Yisrayl to reproaches…

Well, who is He talking about here? Yaaqob to the curse and Yisrayl to reproaches.

Look at chapter 44. If you just had the Hebrew, you wouldn’t see the chapters divided. There would be none there. It’s still the same subject.

Isayah 44:1
Yet now hear, O Yaaqob My Servant…

So this Yaaqob He’s given to a curse, He’s saying He’s a Servant of Yahweh… Yaaqob, My Servant…
And here, He says, He’s going to allow Yaaqob to be given to the curse. That’s one of His Servants He’s going to give to the curses. That curse means death. If you want to look it up in Strong’s Concordance, it means death.

Isayah 44:1-2
1 Yet now hear, O Yaaqob My Servant, and Yisrayl whom I have chosen,
2 This is what Yahweh says, Who made you and formed you from the womb…

From the womb? Yes, they had to be brothers.

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