Yahweh’s Feasts: His Shadow From Things To Come


Excerpt from The House of Yahweh newsletter…


This world’s governments are going to pass away, along with all the illegal lusts that are rampant in this world.


But, those who keep Yahweh’s Laws will abide forever; they will abide under the Shadow of Yahweh.


Those who will practice what Yahweh says will be protected from the wars, from the sickness and disease, and from the death that will soon come on this earth.


Yahweh’s Feasts are Yahweh’s Shadow from the things that are coming. It is vitally important that you keep Yahweh’s Feasts exactly according to Yahweh’s Ordinances. Not only does keeping Yahweh’s Feasts assure you of His Protection from the horrors that will soon strike all mankind, they also assure that you will receive Eternal Life, if you practice obeying every Word that proceeds from Yahweh’s Mouth.


Now is the time to make plans to attend each and every Feast that Yahweh commands. After reading this newsletter in its entirety, you will then know the vital importance of keeping Yahweh’s Feasts.

If you keep Yahweh’s Feasts they are Yahweh’s Shadow over you from the things that are coming; but, if you do not keep Yahweh’s Feasts, exactly according to His Written Ordinances, then you are keeping your own feast, which Yahweh will not accept.


–       Why would Yahweh refuse to accept, a feast supposedly celebrated in honor of Him?

–       Why would such a feast, in fact, shut people off from Him, making Him hide His Eyes from them and not even hear their prayers?


They are not Yahweh’s Feasts unless they are kept as instructed in His Laws. By being willing and obedient to seek Yahweh’s House and do as the Priests instruct, we know we are keeping the Feast in the way that pleases Yahweh.


This means we must keep the Feasts at the place where Yahweh has chosen to place His Name. The way we can know where Yahweh has chosen to place His Name is through Yahweh’s Prophecies, in which He gives us instruction.


We know that Yahshua was the Messiah, the Savior, because He fulfilled the Prophecies written about Him.


In the same way, we can know where Yahweh’s established House is today.


  • Yahweh told us in Prophecy where His House would be established in these Last Days.
  • He gives us the location of The House of Yahweh, the time period in which His House would be established, and He even gives us the names of the Two Witnesses who established His House.

Write for information about the Two Witnesses and the establishment of The House of Yahweh. This information is vital to your understanding of where Yahweh’s Only Prophesied Work is located in these Last Days.


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