Yahweh Said Knowledge Would Increase

Excerpt from sermon given by Yisrayl Hawkins on 06/02/12…

Well, New information about computer viruses shows how countries may be lining up to fight a cyber war.
…The virus that got the ITU’s attention…It’s called Flame. …apparently targeted Iran, as Stuxnet also did. Suspicion immediately fell on the U.S. and Israel as the creators… I wouldn’t even be concerned about this and I don’t want to keep on reading all these articles, so I’ll just tell you that this Flame virus was discovered by experts last week in Iran and in the Iranian nuclear process.

Now, those people are not stupid. They will overcome this virus, I’m sure, and go on with their nuclear wars, nuclear bombs. But now I thought, this could be what would actually start the nuclear war. Because in reading about what this Flame virus does, when it got into the nuclear plant of Iran where they were actually bringing about this nuclear energy, that Yahweh Himself created, but He created it in a fashion to where it was under control.

Well, of course, mankind with his computers have been able to harness this energy to actually split the atom, that Yahweh created, and start a nuclear fission that under certain conditions could destroy a whole city. Now this was all done with man’s computers that started in 1941 and has grown to the computers that we have today, 1941 and this is 2012, not many years.

With those same computers now, they can put this bomb on a missile that is guided by computers, and they can pinpoint that bomb, say, from China to New York. Well, what building do you want it to hit? That’s where it will land. Now that’s how accurate these computers can guide that bomb with the wind shifts, the wind changes, the temperature, the moisture, the rain, the clouds, whatever, it will guide that to its mark. It won’t miss it.

They now have these smart bombs that you noticed, if you noticed it in the Israeli warfare there would be a man, one of their enemies sitting in his office doing his work and a missile would come through his window, through the window, not the wall, but the window and blow up inside that man’s room. Now this is how sophisticated the knowledge that Yahweh said would increase has become.

Imagine Yahweh turning the heavens over to the world right now.
In the shape it’s in with these minds, the intellectual idiots that are in control and they keep building more and more warfare.

To me this proves whether or not they are idiots in itself.

Not only have they done this, they’ve done what I showed you here, but then they create other things like the chemical warfare, the biological warfare and then they create drugs that they know will do certain things.

You can test these things with the computer knowledge that we have now. We have computer knowledge that you can test a drug and know what it will do if you put this much of a certain substance versus if you put double that.

And it keeps it all on record. and it’s at your fingertips.

You have the same thing in your head, except there’s never, even with the best computers we have today, it’s not even one ten thousandths as much knowledge in that computer as it is in your subconscious mind.

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