Yahweh Created The Sun and The Firmament For Mankind

House of Yahweh monthly magazine on the importance of the sun and the jobs of micro-kingdoms in the firmament…

Mankind, or any other life form as we know it, could not remain alive at all without the things we receive from the sun.

The sun is a very powerful unit and would consume the earth and all life if its powers that come to earth to sustain mankind’s life were not managed.

A fifth century BCE philosopher of Athens supposed that a great meteorite which fell at Aegospotami in the daytime about 467 BCE to have come from the sun. He imagined that the sun must be a mass of red-hot iron.

That came from their schools of higher learning at Athens.

With the invention of the telescope, Galileo Galilei, and a few others, almost simultaneously, around 1610-1611 discovered sunspots. With new telescopes and ancillary instrumentation of great sophistication, such as the spectroscope in 1870, dark bands were discovered in the spectrum of light radiated from sunspots from which it was concluded come gaseous eruptions in the neighborhood of sunspots now called flares.

In 1909 and 1913 a reverse flow, inward toward the center of the spot, for the gases at the highest levels of the atmosphere (firmament) above it, was found.

The determination of the sun’s temperature has been one of the most difficult problems in solar astronomy. The English astronomer Herschel at the Cape of Good Hope in the war of 1837 observed that the vertical rays of the sun, if totally absorbed, would raise the temperature of a layer of water 1.8 centimeters deep by 1° C per minute.

From 1881 to 1942 the findings in astronomy were by far the best. Because the combination of events and studies showed that the firmament is governed; that is, the micro-kingdoms that make up the firmament are governed by Law.

What these studies prove is just as the law of gravity is assigned to do one thing in the firmament so also are each of the micro-kingdoms assigned to do their job to regulate what gets to mankind. As the earth is made for mankind so also is the firmament made for mankind.

Herschel’s studies of the extreme heat of the vertical rays of the sun, if totally absorbed, would rise to extreme temperatures of the earth’s surface in minutes. The measurements come easy. What is difficult is the atmospheric absorption.

In fact, it’s impossible to understand, without understanding that a Creator, a Designer, set Laws that govern the micro-kingdoms to adjust and to allow only enough of the vertical rays of the sun to be absorbed and no more.

Below are further studies shown by past and present astronomers and their discoveries.

Notice, they came to understand that the micro-kingdoms are set by Law to do jobs in the firmament, and they all must work in harmony.

World Science Monthly, February 1956

The problem was solved in 1881 and again in 1904, when it was shown that extrapolations must be made for solar radiation of different wavelengths, to determine what the intensity of each would be if there were no intervening air; and the values for all wavelengths must then be summed. A value of 1.96 calories per square centimeter per minute was obtains for the solar constant (the flux of total radiation received outside the Earth’s atmosphere per unit area at mean Earth-Sun distance), that only recently has been improved by observation from balloons and high-flying aircraft. Early estimates of the Sun’s temperature ranged from 1,461° C (2,660° F) to 10,000,000° C (18,000,000° F). Transforming the solar constant into the energy radiated by the Sun and thence into its effective temperature was impossible until the law that connects the temperature of a surface with the amount of heat radiated per second—the Stefan-Boltzmann law—was established about 1880.

The Moon, with its opaque disk of almost exactly the same apparent size as the Sun, and with a sharply defined edge, has been valuable to the solar astronomer at times of solar eclipse. In the Middle Ages, prominences on the Sun that became visible during eclipses were thought to be part of the Moon’s atmosphere, mirages, clouds, or holes in the Moon. During an eclipse of July 1860, which crossed Spain, prominences were successfully photographed, and, by observing the motion of the Moon across them, it was demonstrated that these were solar. During an eclipse of August 1868, observers in India and in England, struck by the brilliance of the prominences, independently showed that they might be seen in broad daylight simply by opening the slit of a spectroscope and aiming it just outside the brilliant disk of the Sun’s photosphere.

The invention (1930) of the coronagraph made it possible for the first time to study the corona without an eclipse from high-altitude stations and on a nearly continuous basis. With a modified instrument, the K-coronameter (1950), which used photoelectric detection, it became possible to view the corona through hazy skies at sea level, and measurements at very clear sites were greatly extended, to large distances from the limb of the Sun.

The mysterious coronal spectrum—at first attributed to the mythical element coronium—was discovered in 1941 to be made up of the so-called forbidden lines of highly ionized atoms of iron, nickel, and other elements. The lines are described as forbidden because they are almost impossible to produce in the laboratory.

Radio waves from the Sun were first detected in 1942 on British radar sets. It was suggested that the bursts of radio energy were associated with an active sunspot visible on the surface of the Sun and, in particular, with the large solar flare of February 28. In the same year, a weak background radio emission, or noise, was detected from the “quiet” Sun; i.e., the Sun observed when sunspots and related phenomena are at a minimum. The science of radio astronomy has since become a large and important field of solar research.

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