The Word “Democracy” Is Used To Spread Sin Throughout The World – Part 4

What Is Sin?

Excerpt from sermon given 05/04/13 by the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins

The Truth is, keeping the Commandments will bring Peace. That’s what Isayah 2 shows.

“In the Last Days, I’m going to establish My House.” It’s going to bring you the Truth. And after you learn this Truth, then you will learn war no more, that same chapter shows. They’ll beat their swords into plowshares, their spears into pruning hooks.

This is the emblem they got at the U.N. and I noticed it there when I was there. They’ve got it printed big and clear for everyone to see. But they don’t show what brings it about. It’s these right here, what your Savior said.

– Don’t lust after other people’s property.
– Do no murders.
– Don’t kill.
– Don’t commit adultery.
– Don’t even lust after the man’s wife, as the Savior said.

Of course, they don’t pay any attention to the Words of the Savior and you know that. You’re a liar if you tell yourself they do. You’re telling yourself a lie and you’re the liar that tells yourself that lie.

The Savior Himself said, if you lust after a man’s wife, you’ve committed adultery with her already in your mind.

Blessed are those who keep His Laws that they might have right to the Tree of Life and may enter into the gates into the city.

Verse 15, For outside are dogs… You know what dogs are? This is not four legged dogs. It’s spoken of in the Hebrew too. You couldn’t bring the price of a dog into The House of Yahweh. You couldn’t bring the dog in, unless he repented. The dogs were sodomites, homosexuals. They want to make out like that’s clean. Your Scriptures don’t say such a thing. You need to read I Corinthians 6. Jesus didn’t change it! Neither did Yahshua the Savior.

For outside are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers… Notice the murderers, murderers.

The history of the popes has always been democracy. Now, democracy in itself is great. That is, in its original meaning. But they use that word to bring forth sin. And if something is more popular, they have more votes for it, then the pope will agree to it.

They really try to hide the abortions that are going on, but these are catholic hospitals. And they’re spread throughout the land and murders are being committed and they admit this is murder. And they charge the doctors with murder now, admitting their own selves that this is murder. And of course, they will not repent of their murders.

…the strange history of the church’s position on abortion… still causing problems…

In a nutshell, the article attempts to argue, complete with supporting evidence, that the church’s teaching on abortion has differed widely over the centuries

The reason it differs widely over the centuries is because of the votes for or against.

And if the people, like in Israyl, yes it was going on in Israyl; it was practiced clear back in Egypt. But here, what the Catholic church does, they won’t take a stand. They have people out here doing it, it’s their people, their hospitals. They’ve got to know about it.

But if asked in public they will make some psychological statement to deceive the people where it’s vague and they don’t know whether they’re saying yes or no. They don’t know whether they’re saying we’re against it or for it.
Let me read the rest of that.

…differed widely over the centuries, hardening only relatively recently into its current condemnation of abortion as homicide…

Now that’s the present trials that are taking place now.
…It also argues…

These are records that were found, that are something like sixteen years old in the catholic church and brought to light by this man.

…It also argues that abortion has at times been condemned “only” if it is done to hide sexual sin…

And this goes out to the public and there’s a great hatred and people start falling away from the catholic church. And of course, they try to hide it then. But they condemn it openly when, in fact, undercover they are catering to this sin. So abortion is permitted at that point.

…and points out that abortion has been at times condemned as a form of contraception but not homicide.

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