Shabbat Shalom Pastor,
As I was reading about Yahweh’s work in these Last Days, I saw that your dedication in these last days has been written in the pages of history, both in heaven and here on earth.
All of the evil propaganda and persecution that the Saints before us suffered also came upon you. You were classified by the world as one of the top ten evil cults in these Last Days. But, so were Yahshua and the Saints before you. You lost what you thought were friends. Your families turned against you. Evil judges persecuted you and put unfair restraints against you, they even took away your children. You were persecuted by those ranking from the lowest to the highest. Your name was slandered around the world. They, ie, the world, hated you without a cause. They even called for your death, but you kept Yahweh’s word and you did not deny His authority He placed over you in these last days. As Yahweh opened the doors, you took the Peaceful Solution to all the world.
This work along with all of your names, will remain in the history of the Saints in the Kingdom of Yahweh for beings to see throughout all eternity and they will know that “Yahweh had loved you.” We love you Pastor!!!!!.

May the Peace and strength of Yahweh continue to be with you.




pastor we will forever love you.



Praise Yahweh…for he is merciful
Praise Yahweh…for his plan for mankind
Praise Yahweh…for making his son Yahshua in his image through the Laws of righteousness
Praise Yahweh…for his last days witness Yisrayl Hawkins and seeing all his prophecies come before our eyes
Praise Yahweh…for allowing us this time to come to him through his house, The House of Yahweh.



I want to thank you for your tireless efforts in not ceasing to glorify Father Yahweh and bringing a bunch of simpletons to the gateway of perfection and never giving up on us…PRAISE YAHWEH


Let me sing to Yahweh a new song as the thoughts of my heart move me, Ariyah Hawkins coming before your throne submitting to your authority, orderly under the body of Your great Kohanim. Presenting due worship to You as a seed of Yisrayl Abel Hawkins under headship of Yahshua our King.
Not forgetting the day You spotted me and presented my ignorance and immaturity clearly to my limited understanding.
Revealed to me my drunkedness and like wise double mindedness as the root cause of my staggering.
So I sing not withholding anything as I kneel before You offering!
Submitting is not easy as I contend with what resides within me that so easily seeks to Intrap me.
Though you stilled the storm and ceased the crashing that was so confusing. When I called from within the belly of a great fish You mercifully accepted my apology and quickly offered me a footing.
How can my lips not praise Thee? Our loving Heavenly Father I honor the One you sent me.
Strengthen me and equip me with what I need to fight faithfully for peace!



Pastor, you are the only one who makes sense in this senseless world. I thank Father Yahweh for you with all my heart.


Pastor i thank u for teaching me the truth in fact u are relly the one sent the graetest teacher of all because the whole world is blind just because of christianity glory and thanks to our creator yahweh praise yahweh
May Yahweh be your driver, your navigator, your, pilot,your guide, your eye, light and protecter to all who traveling to HOY let His strength be your and trust in Him alone. Let all lift our hands reverence the Living Father Yahweh, son Yahshua and believe in the One sent Yisrayl Abel Hawkins.
Shallom sir thank you so much for accepting me,i pray today that May almighty father yahweh continue to protect you and all the entire members of the house of yahweh and all so give you more power to deliver people from gods worshiping,Hallaluyah yahweh shallom.
When I feel myself gettin outta line I just pop on one of those 1990-1995 sermons with Kohan Yedidiyah and Yisrayl Hawkins so I can get some serious ‘Straightenin’ out” . . . lol . . .PY . . . #motivating

Pastor, I am reading The Lost Faith Of the Apostles and the Prophets….Beautiful book…One of the best books i have ever read… I am humbled at your obedience to the calling of our Heavenly Father…I am awestruck at the wisdom Father Yahweh has given you… Praise Yahweh…

I am happy and blessed to be called into Yahweh’s Great Family and House. There is no greater joy, than to be called out of SIN, by the creator of the universe. All my life rebellion has been my close companion, so I am exceedingly humbled, that of all my kin folk, Yahweh chose to call me and give me understanding of His Great and Awesome Plan for Mankind! Satan has been relentless in her desire to turn me back to sin and turn my mind against The House of Yahweh. Thankfully, I can’t unlearn all that the Great Overseer Yisrayl Abel Hawkins has taught me from Yahweh’s Holy and inspired Scriptures. I bear in my body and mind the many curses that came as a result of breaking Yahweh’s Laws. Laws that Christianity taught me for so many years, were done away with and not to be kept, indeed they implied those laws could not be kept. That great Lie, direct from Satan, has caused me great suffering, indeed I am still suffering the effects of sin. So to all my beloved family and so called friends, you can continue to enjoy your god worshipping religion of Christianity if you choose. But please leave me alone to enjoy overcoming Sin and learning to be a Servant in Yahweh’s Great House at Abel! It is so great to know that Righteousness is attainable and there are actually perfect Laws given to make this possible. Praise Yahweh that The House of Yahweh was established in my generation to Teach these Laws to ALL the World. May Yahweh Bless your Understanding as He has surely Blessed Mine!

I want to thank you for your tireless efforts in not ceasing to glorify Father Yahweh and bringing a bunch of simpletons to the gateway of perfection and never giving up on us…PRAISE YAHWEH

Shalom grate brother u are doing really great job yahweh bles u and mey your days be prolonged shalom yahweh bless.

Discretion…an important element in one’s obligation to serve in Yahweh’s House. Yet, how many of us truly have it? Have we yet gotten over ourselves when we are over zealous to correct another for an assumed wrong? I also ask, of those of us who serve under our Great Seventh Malak, which of us is greater? I seem to remember a certain apostle who had the same inquiry. Are we still struggling with an answer that was so plainly given long ago? Should not the word of one in Authority be enough to appease the zeal of one who has apparently become near sighted? Have we forgotten that those who keep charge over Yahweh’s House must be responsibly greater than those who roam among the flock? Would you defile Yahweh’s table for the little ones because you couldn’t contain your appetite? Do we not know that with Authority comes greater restraint and more oversight? Let us remember, each of us, who we are, discern the thoughts and intents, and truly respect Yahweh’s Authority through the service of humility, and honor these Great Kohans of whom we serve in unity under our Great Malak The Witness Yisrayl Abel Hawkins! PY!

Praise Yahweh for you Great Pastor, we love you greatly. Looking forward to the feast got my gold socks lol! But in all seriousness Great Teacher we would be lost without you. We want to be your children forever!PY!!!!

Blessed to be in earshot of the One Sent, Yahweh’s mercy streaming clearly electronically, binary converted vividly.
Yisrayl Abel Hawkins witnessing pouring forth his overflowing anointing, beautifully arrayed in His righteous adorning.
Branching out from the establishment as a nourishing olive tree, a vignette of fruit bearing malakim irrigating, cultivating His seedlings.
How can it not be perceived this bush is not consumed, but growing, though Yahweh is all consuming? A flame purifying, purging and eliminating the worlds impurities.

After many, many years of drugging and boozing, I’m glad to say that by the end of today, I have been completely sober for 2 full years! And of course I give great thanks to The author of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, Yisrayl Abel Hawkins, for giving me tools, such as self control and respect to be able to kick the old habits and live a clean and peaceful life!

This (The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program) is desperately needed in the world! for those of you who knew me years back this is the reason I am a completely different person!! I had the gift of being taught by Yisrayl Abel Hawkins face to face, he has been working for years to bring this to the world and the time is now… Push your religious beliefs and qualms about the man aside and truly listen to the message being presented here. I am begging you, this saved my life, I have been sober for 12 years and have several trades that I have learned because of this man and The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. Thank you Yisrayl Abel Hawkins for the P.S.C.E.P. I was able to break my record of keeping a job (8 months) by 5 years and maintain my place of residence since 2002………Please try it it WILL change your life and has nothing to with religion…….

Praise Yahweh for Pastor!! I love when i’m reading The Books of Yisrayl, and I have a “WOW!! moment. When I have to re-read it again and sit and let the whole thing, or rather a missing part fill in or kick out something that didn’t belong in there. Because the wicked will never understand. So I praise Yahweh for being tethered to the Branch in these last days!! Praise Yahweh!!

Pastor I just wanted to say Shabbat Shalom Praise Yahweh for giving us a righteous teacher in you. You a great leader and I just want to say thank you and I love you dearly for pouring out the laws and the TRUTH the way no one else can. Truly a blessing in all hearts of man, to hear the message of truth and the voice of the Last day’s Malak. MayYahweh continue to Bless you forever Pastor… Thank you once again.

Shabbout Shalom to all the saints esp. in Africa, weary not, stand firm in the faith. Our reward is near. Praise Yahweh. Thank You Yahweh for giving us Your last days Witness- Yisrayl Abel Hawkins

It is funny, I hear of battered emotions when, either myself or another member of the House of Yahweh speaks. There is a great majority that would love to contend with the facts that pour forth from the House of Yahweh and our overseer Yisrayl Abel Hawkins. Of which causes the majority to respond emotionally and irrationally on many subjects. I see even professed “model citizens,” quickly jump into “gangsta” mode, lol! You know before I even known of Pastor I did not see any of these people that jump into their gangsta gear on Facebook. Maybe it was those twelve people that handed down those guilty verdicts when I went before them? Even when I did hear of Pastor while in prison and shared him with hardened criminals, most did not change but they recognized truth and righteousness. Then out here you have “gangsta’s” that are against the righteousness pastor speaks, but quick to convict anyone that breaks the law. What? Even for a convicted felon like myself I can see that this is utter foolishness, how can you promote breaking the law than confine people that do? I know that if you are for lawlessness and you teach it in your home then there must be criminals living at your address, oh yeah, if there is no standard then there is no truth and you would never admit your a criminal, lol! except on Facebook against people spreading righteousness.


The only place where the truth is told without adulterating or altering it HOY; where everything is told like it was; like it is and like it will be. Come learn from the feet of the Greatest Teacher and the Only One Sent – Yisrayl Abel Hawkins

This is what Father Yahweh says, Who created you, O Yisrayl: Fear not, i have redeemed you, for you are Mine; When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire , you will not be burned, nor will the flame kindle upon you. For I am Yahweh your Father, the Holy One of Israyl, your Saviour, Fear not, for I am with you. You are My witness, says Yahweh, and My servants whom I have chosen; I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it; Because you have kept My word, and have not denied My Name, I also will keep you from the hour of temptation, which will come upon all the world….
Shabbath Shalom Almighty Father Yahweh!
Shabbath Shalom Great Priest of Yahweh, Yisrayl Abel Hawkins!!
Shabbath Shalom all you Great Saints of Father Yahweh!!!
Praise Yahweh, For His feast that is Here again, another opportunity to learn at the feet of Yahweh’s righteous Priest, YISRAYL HAKAHAN

Pastor, you are the only one who makes sense in this senseless world. I thank Father Yahweh for you with all my heart.

I give thanks to Great Father Yahweh for Yisrayl Hawkins, I don’t know where I could have been if not for the righteous teachings of my mentor and role model, Yisrayl Abel Hawkins. I thank Yahweh for bringing me and my family to His Great House at this very Last Days. Yisrayl Hawkins teachings have really brought a great change in my life and that of my family. If the world likes let them not believe in Yisrayl Hawkins teachings but as for me and my family, we will serve/worship Yahweh under the leadership of Yisrayl Hawkins. No Shaking.

A MESSAGE TO THE FALLAWAYS And Any One Else That Disagrees
There is no secret that there are those who have left the only Authorized Work of the Creator in these Last Days. Every fallaway that I have communicated with seems to have missed one of the most important lessons in The House of Yahweh and that is the fact that this Work will END WAR.
Now, I don’t know how many of these fallaways have actually had the opportunity to experience the atrocities of war but I can tell you first hand, being raised in urban warfare on the streets of Chicago as a gang member, what it feels like to have uncertainty of life. How it feels to not know if you can protect your loved ones or to be hunted like an animal by opposition gang members, law enforcement, or even some one who wants to bump your spot of fame so that the taking of your life will be diminished to that of a trophy around their neck. Add to that the uncertainty of even having enough to provide and care for your loved ones and your babies looking at you with tears in their eyes saying “what do you mean there’s nothing to eat?” Then there is the children who’s parents are addicted to a narcotic and spends all resources on drugs so they are trained to take what they want from others and even kill if necessary. Mix that up along with all the other problems in the world and dup it in a community and maybe, just maybe, you can see a glimpse of the fix that the whole world is in.
Then you have a Creator that says, “I’m going to bring up a Work that will take this from among you!” How can you not marvel at this? Well have the prophets spoke: Habakkuk 1:5—Look among the heathen, and watch—wonder with astonishment; for I will work a Work in your days which you would not believe if it were told to you.
This Work was told to you and you did not believe. It was put in a Book and that Book became the best selling Book in the world called a Bible yet you still did not Believe when it was explained to you. They created GOOGLE so you could “google” that Work to find out where it was yet you still decided not to Believe.
The Work that the Creator of Heaven and Earth is Working was explained by Yahshua the Son of Man who has been given Authority to execute this Work by Yahweh Himself in Yahcahanan (John) 6:29—Yahshua answered, and said to them: This is the Work of Yahweh: that you Believe into Him Whom He has Sent. Why is it so vitally important to Believe into Him Whom Yahweh has Sent? Because only through complete Unity can a people be trained to fulfill the prophesy of taking War from among the nations. Read Isayah 2:2-4 AND BELIEVE—It will come to pass in the last days, that the mountain; promotion, of The House of Yahweh will be established in the chief of the nations, and will be raised above all congregations; and all nations will eventually flow to it. And may people will go and say; come, and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh, to the House of the Father of Yaaqob, and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths. For the Laws and the Word of Yahweh will be restored to Abel by those who keep all His Laws and who are taught by the Priest Who Teaches Peace. He will judge among the nations, and will rebuke many people; they will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks; nation will not lift up sword against nation, NEITHER WILL THEY LEARN WAR ANYMORE.
A WORLD WITHOUTH WAR; fighting, sickness, disease, and famine. Yahweh Himself raised up ONE PRIEST and ESTABLISHED ONE JUDGE through the Work of Yahshua Messiah to lead this Work. A Work that will remove sickness from among you. Yisrayl Abel Hawkins is the man, the Priest doing that Work. THIS YOU CAN SEE! So why do some leave? The truth is they had some sin that prevented them from grasping the END RESULT of what this Man Yisrayl is doing.
So they try to discredit the “man” as if they can some how prove something bad about him that will prove he is not of Yahweh and if he is not of Yahweh they can continue in their sin as if they are justified in doing so. Just think about it, “Yahweh doesn’t have a Work on earth so I can continue to commit acts that cause disunity, sickness, and harm adding to the mess that is already in the world and not be worthy of the death penalty given in the Law. After all, the Creator is merciful to no end, therefore, I don’t have to be.”
Sounds stupid don’t it? Yet this thought process is old. It was used against Mosheh in Ex. 2:14. Yet Mosheh was the ONE SENT in his time to do a Work that would produce Yahshua and bring up Yisrayl. Read Ex. 4:10-16. Mosheh was SENT, yet he was accused of being a murder at the very least.
This argument was used against Yahshua in Yahchanan 8:41 saying Yahshua couldn’t have been the ONE SENT because his mother was a fornicator. Deacon Stephen exposed this for what it was in Acts 7:51-53.
With that being said, let me be clear to anyone who would like to inbox me or contact me saying they have the truth about Yisrayl and the House of Yahweh, I DO NOT CARE TO HEAR WHAT “YOU” CALL TRUTH. WHAT I CARE ABOUT IS THE WORKS AND THE END RESULT OF THE WORKS OF THIS ONE MAN Yisrayl Abel Hawkins.
That Work is slowly chipping away at and removing that which causes WAR and SICKNESS. soon very soon there’s going to be a hug leap in this Work. Repent now and be apart of the ONLY REAL SOLUTION! REPOST IF YOU AGREE BRETHERN!!!

Reading the book of Isayah
The great prophet was writting about our beloved pastor Yisrayl Abel Hawkins. The foot notes in The Book Of Yahweh says that when we want to please Father Yahweh and keep His Laws the way our beloved pastor does, that is when we too will receive the same spirit that our beloved pastor has.
Remember pastor has said in many of his great sermons that Father Yahweh will pour out the same Spirit that is on pastor on his seed. I ask myself as well as the other member in The House Of Yahweh, what is keeping us from believing and obeying the instruction given to us by the ONE Father Yahweh has sent?
May the day come soon when we will come to total unity with Father Yahweh’s witness for these last days.

I am humbly asking that You Please pray for us, Pastor. We Love You and we Need Your Teaching and Your Guidance now more than ever, to help us overcome as time Grows short. Tomorrow I fast for all of us. Yahweh Bless You Great One !!!

The prophetic word program of the House of Yahweh is streaming live in Lagos Nigeria every sunday morning 6.35am. Tune in to Ray power 100.5FM listen to the pastor and overseer of the House of Yahweh Abilene TX Yisrayl Abel Hawkins bringing peace to you live

Small family GREAT JOB to do, so work hurry.
Soon all of Father Yahweh’s creation will see us a seed of the ONE sent.
I believe I can speak for all believers here at the wonderful House Of Father Yahweh we thank you Father Yahweh for Your other begotten Son Yisrayl please
hasten the day we too will be like him Who is like Yahshua Who is like Father Yahweh Gen.1:26…Praise Father Yahweh.
Very thankful to be one of his seed.

I definitely want to be like Yisrayl Abel Hawkins and write awesome, long, informative letters and information.

SHALOM, Pastor Yisrayl, the word of YAHWEH is gradually spreading across all nations, the people of Ghana will love to have you visit us so if you can and Yahweh permit, then please do us the honour… we would really appreciate it.. Praise Yahweh…
Nana Afiyah

Yahweh’s Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Abel Hawkins, has been warning the world for many years now about this thermo-nuclear destruction that is about to come upon all the inhabitants of the world as Isayah 24, Revelations 6 and 9, Matthityah 24, Malakyan 4 and many others scriptures state!!!
Where are you going to go??? What are you going to do???
Is this fear-mongering or a wake up call for the ones Father Yahweh expects to survive???

Yisrayl Abel Hawkins is much more than a man he is a man of strength, courage and bravery we need more men with the Wisdom and Knowledge He has, I’m especially thankful for all that he have done for me and the brothers here at Wakulla Correctional..Yahweh Word Will Stand Against the strom,He is a man with many tongues praise Yahweh!

Please let me give you a Big Hug from a distance, Pastor. You’re doing an outstanding Job in Promoting Yahweh’s Truth, Just as Yahweh said you would. Praise Yahweh for you Pastor Yisrayl Abel Hawkins. Making History in this Last Days.

I Praise Yahweh for the day He blessed me with the booklet “Who is Lord God? Who is Baal?” The Father said I’m going to show you My House, your High Priest and King Yahshua Messiah, and My Last days Witness Yisrayl Abel Hawkins , and if you accept it, you will receive the Golden Oil that leads to life, you will stop being tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. He said ” Go wrestle with the Malak of Yahweh, and wrestle til you are made to stand. I said HalleluYahweh!! Praise Yahweh!! Now I’m saying” I am the House of Yahweh!! I am the donkey colt tethered to the Choicest Branch!! Praise Yahweh for you Pastor, as I do my part, so In that day, you may present the flock without spot or blemish. Praise Yahweh!!

People often tell me, “Blessing, you’ve been brain washed by this your religion and by this House of Yahweh stuff”, I always ask them, ‘which one is better, to be brain-washed and have your brain and mind cleansed or to be brain-dirty and have your brain and mind filthy and corrupt. I don’t know if really they understand what is meant to be brain washed. YES, i have been brain washed by House of Yahweh and am still being brain washed by Yisrayl Abel Hawkins so that my mind will be totally washed from sin(s), my brain is being washed from sin to righteousness by Yisrayl Hawkins, and if this is what brain washing means, then of course, its o.k. by me, so that I will not die and go hell and I think that’s the greatest and most wonderful thing that can happen to one’s brain.
I will advice all who read this post to allow Yisrayl Hawkins to brain wash you from sin to righteousness.

One of my favorite sermons 4-20-2011 you can watch over and over again. I know I need to watch it again, I can never get it all in one watch. Praise Yahweh for the greatest teacher in the world Yisrayl Abel Hawkins!!!!!!

Its’s so funny how PastorYisrayl Yisrayl Abel Hawkins tells us about something and then a year of two down the line…it’s on the news!!!! Love the Piller and Ground of the TRUTH!

As I sit here looking out my office window I noticed that Yahweh’s Great Servants were putting up the Great Feast of Tabernacles Sukkah. The one at the Gates to Great Father Yahweh’s House.
Many memories come flooding back to me of watching the very first Sukkah be build by some of the same Great Servants so many years ago. Pastor was one of those that put up that first Sukkah and I remember how he was so joyful that day and how he made sure there was enough fruit everyday on it, so that every child there got to pick some off of it & eat from that Sukkeh.
Every year Pastor would sit near the Sukkah and watch the children pick the fruit from it. He would egg us on telling us not to take fruit from the bottom of it but to reach higher! He would challenge us to reach higher & work harder to get to the top of that Sukkah for the Fruit Yahweh had provided us. As I look back now I can see where he is still doing the same thing today. He encourages us to reach higher & work harder for that Golden Goal of the Fruit of Life that only Yahweh can give!
Sisters, as we prepare for Yahweh’s Great Feast of Tabernacles let us remember our children and help them to have great memories so that many years from now they will have their own stories to tell about the Great Feasts of Yahweh!

It is a great and sound Love of Father Yahweh on all of us whom he has called into his work in this time of the end – The House of Yahweh Abilene TX – to learn at the feet of the 7th malak our pastor Yisrayl Abel Hawkins. There is no Love greater than this

It is a great privilege for me to listen and learn from the House of Yahweh via the internet, and most importantly to listen to the greatest teacher in the world, Yisrayl Abel Hawkins, the one sent in this last days to proclaim the good news of the kingdom to the House of Yahweh. I and my family are highly honored to be associated with you and the House of Yahweh.
Shabbat Shalom, Servant of Yahweh, Shabbat shalom Great One.

It’s Great to be in The House of Yahweh and to learn at the feet of The Great teacher Yisrayl Abel Hawkins at this last days. Are you still searching for the true religion for your salvation? then read for your self Isaiah 2:2-4 and Micah 4:1-2. The House of Yahweh is the place. SHALOM.

Pastor, You love ALL of children and we each love you back as much as you love us. That’s a lot of love to give, thank you for teaching us and RULING AS YAHWEH RULES. We know the love of the law because of you. You are Yahweh to us and we are doing our best to be Yahweh with you. 8-28-11 is oh so close, thank you for remembering us in your prayers. To be able to sit at Your feet and learn is a true gift of love, You speak the words of Yahweh to us. I’m so thankful to be your seed. Praise Yahweh.



Yahweh is Unity!!! Praise Yahweh for His House,The House OfYahweh,Shabbat Shalom!!Let us pray Pastor Yisrayl Abel Hawkins get his subconscious mind to continue to help us stay tethered.Praise Yahweh

Shalom,Pastor, Yahweh could not have given us enough of you! Yahweh is great. i love to call His name all the time it sound like a powerful new song in my heart and mid. it keeps me from walking in the ways of the wicked. this why i love to praise Yahweh everyday!

I’m thankful to have you as my Teacher. I know soon the WHOLE WORLD will be 2. Praise Yahweh for you Pastor Forever… May Yahweh bless you and keep you always.
I like this page. It truly helps a person’s thinking. I appreciate you putting out those positive words. There’s nothing like it on the face of the Earth; absolutely nothing. I love it! Just love every minute of it. i can’t get enough. Keep it coming.

Shabbat Shalom to my father & Ruler – Yisrayl Abel Hawkins. May Yahweh bless you with the use of your subconscious mind. Praise Yhwh.

thank you for your smiling face on the Sabbaths and the word of Yahweh. Thats power. Praise Yahweh
If we had not been tethered to the Branch and fed the Pure Oil of YAHWEH’s Laws and Prophecies by the One Sent we would have become like Sodom. Praise YAHWEH that We Found Them!



Everything he says is 100% true, that is why I’m thankful and forever praising the Greatest Teacher in the World. Pastor you were born for this, Praise Yahweh for your teachings and lessons of perfection towards the kingdom. You have always inspired me to go farther than the average in doing righteousness. Watching how much negativity and disrespect ignorant people say about a truthful and righteous man makes me want to STAND FIRM and prove you, for you are truly a blessing to the world. In these times where mankind knows nothing but pride, our heavenly father provides us with a distinguished leader we can benefit many lessons of character education and moral values. I’m rejoicing when thinking everything you’ve taught us is true, and everything I learned from you is righteous. Without you and Yaaqob we all would be LOST. Thank you Pastor for being excellent. May Yahweh bless you forever!
My life has and is improving ever since I stop letting life be my teacher and begin learning at the feet of the greatest teacher in the world to teach me life
“Teacher, to whom would we go, YOU have the words…” PY

Greatest Teacher in the world, is correct there is no deniying that father yahweh has sent him I have been studying the b.o.y., pamplets and prophetic word, since i was 18 im now 30 this is the truth it does not get any better for those who do not believe may yahweh bless your under standing And please do your research!!!!!!!!!! may yahweh bless us all


I am thankful for you Pastor! As a Jehovah’s witness, I didn’t understand any of the scriptures. When i first started studying with the House Of Yahweh, everything started coming together like a puzzle. Without Yahweh sending you. I would probably be dead. So I’m thankful for you!

I was thinking, without Yisrayl Hawkins and The Peaceful Solution, we the HOY, soon the 2 billions, would not have known how to follow Yahshua’s Example. The same as, without Yahshua setting the Perfect Example for us, the HOY through our beloved pastor, would not have known the love and mercy that Yahweh Laws produce, if kept. Praise Yahweh for ya Pastor!!

As for me and my household we will follow you till the end!!! Thank You for showing us the way.

Without the Peaceful Solution as my family’s foundation, my house could not and would not stand! Thank You Mr. Yisrayl Hawkins for such a wonderful program!

I just want you to know that I am so thankful for you.

Pastor I’m thankful that Yahweh has appointed you for the end times that is upon us. Yahweh has given you His great wisdom; knowledge and understanding of His written scriptures. I believe that you are one sent by Yahweh; I’ve been searching for truth for 24 years. Studying the scriptures but never having the knowledge and understanding like I do today. I see the light and the light is very bright. When I listen to your voice I hear Yahweh speaking through you. Yahweh has made you the greatest teacher in world. May Yahweh always protect and bless you! Praise Yahweh forever!