What A Difference One Man Can Make

By Thankful

As a product of the 1950’s, I remember life in the later 1950s and early 60’s before the 60’s revolution started. I have to say I did get caught up in that movement. We were going to change the world and make it a better place to live in. Gone were the rigid constraints that had ruled generations from the past. Gone was the caring about others; it was all about me. We were the generation that would free the world. Women were going to be freed and allowed to have it all: be a mother and have a career. No longer were they limited to either becoming a teacher, nurse, secretary or stewardess. Women could now climb the corporate ladder. Free love was out in the open and couples were moving in together. After all, marriage was so old-fashioned. Don’t like your spouse? Divorce him or her! No-fault divorces were new. New medicines were being developed to treat the diseases that existed at the time. Disease was going to become a thing of the past. The sky was the limit. As I look back now, I have to laugh and shake my head at such erroneous, faulty thinking.

I too was caught up in all of this and rode the high wave until it crashed for me on October 1, 1980 with the death of my father at the age of 49. I was 27. In a conversation, someone mentioned to me that there was no such place as hell and that my father was just sleeping. Having been brought up a Catholic, that teaching went against everything I had ever learned there (which was little). This person challenged me to show him differently. The challenge was on. I bought a bible and started reading. As I read, I found more and more evidence that what I had been taught was incorrect. I started making new friends with similar interests. Friends came and went as more truth was learned. Eventually this led us to The House of Yahweh and a man who completely changed my way of thinking and my life.

This man, Yisrayl Hawkins, was interested not only in the Prophecies to be fulfilled, he was also interested in becoming a better person, in overcoming sin and putting it out of his life. He, since the day I first met him, has encouraged us to do the same. In teaching us Yahweh’s Plan, he has shown us that Great Father Yahweh has a Plan to build a Family of Priests. Gently he has encouraged us to strive to become a part of that Family showing us the way.

We are all the product of sin and have blindly lived in sin our entire lives never knowing the way to real peace. Today’s dog-eat-dog world has no true concept of what peace truly is. Ever since I’ve known Yisrayl Hawkins, teaching peace and how to achieve it has been a priority on his list of to do’s. He has selflessly traveled the world pushing forward the Peaceful Solution just as he has patiently taught it to each one of us here. I say patiently, because we, his children, do not always get it on the first go around. Slowly his teachings are filling in the missing pieces of the fabric of our lives. “Now I get it” is a phrase often repeated here in The Great House of Yahweh. Lessons are being learned now that should have been learned long ago. We are a better people due to this man’s consistent and constant efforts.

He has helped us to take the focus off from “I” and to place it where it belongs: on serving and helping others. Much of what has been reintroduced I remember being taught as a young child. Each member shows care and concern for all here at The Great House of Yahweh from its youngest member to its oldest. There is much joy found in serving others. We all need a little help from time to time.

Our overcoming process is not without its trials, but the end result is one of peace. Yes, we struggle and yes, we still make mistakes. We have a lifetime of bad habits to undo. In the end, we find the struggles come as a result of our pride and unwillingness to do that which we know we should do. No, we are not perfect yet, but with our Pastor’s help, someday we most certainly will be. After all Great Father Yahweh only has 613 Laws to follow. How many laws are there to follow in the governments of the world? Somehow we manage to follow those. What’re a few Laws to follow when the end result is better health and a life with peace as compared to what we see today?

We are constantly learning. Using articles from various sources our Pastor teaches us: what took place, the Laws of Yahweh that were broken and the curses that came as a result. He always ties the articles back to Scriptures teaching the Laws or the Prophecies being fulfilled. Our bibles do not sit on the shelves. They are worn through much use.

Our Pastor’s humble example is a constant source of encouragement to his people. His focus is based on serving others. Daily he joyfully rises early. With his to-do list outlined, he starts serving and many an evening I’ve seen him still working while we, his children, are home. His love for us is very evident.

We may not be rich in money, but we are rich in so many ways. We live in peace, knowing that we are all have each other’s best interests at heart. Money cannot even begin to buy this. We are rich in our Pastor’s love for us. His every thought is on helping us, and what he can do for his people. Where is this found in the world today? It isn’t. We are rich in knowledge and wisdom. Our people flourish in their workplaces, because they have been well taught; they practice the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, and they diligently work doing whatever is asked of them. They are respectful, responsible workers. Many workplaces have reported that their businesses start to flourish and are more profitable after they have hired a House of Yahweh worker.

Am I glad I came to The House of Yahweh 24 years ago? You can rest assured I am. Am I a better person for having come here? Most definitely! I have come to truly appreciate and love our Pastor and Overseer Yisrayl Abil Hawkins. The longer I am here the more that love and appreciation grows. He has changed my life for the better and I will always be extremely thankful and grateful. He can change your life too.

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