They Even Admit They Changed The Savior’s Name…

Excerpt from Eleventh Book of Yisrayl, Volume 1 page 238-239

In Yahshua’s Day (The Savior, The Messiah), if you could imagine Galilee. Galilee was looked down on because they would not yield to the schools of higher learning. And of course, the ones that were running Israyl, the twelve tribes, who were actually governing Israyl, they had pushed out to all nations at that time and had a big headquarters in Rome and an army. They had an outstanding army that was second to none that they had built themselves, trained, and of course, if you were a Pharisee, you were also a Roman citizen.

That’s how the Apostle Shaul (Apostle Paul) was or rather that’s why he was a Roman citizen, because he was a Pharisee. And you’ve got to understand that Shaul was first taught in these schools of higher learning. He was taught the traditions, traditions that bring forth money. The Prophets condemned these traditions like Christmas in Yeremyah 10:1-10, and Easter was condemned as early as Samuyl (chapter) 7. It was still going on though in Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 44, worshiping the queen of heaven and the hot cross bun; and then Halloween, the worship of the dead. Isayah (Isaiah) 65-66 shows your priests there and, of course, the Savior said your fathers killed the Prophets and you build their tombs and worship the dead.

That is still going on today in Rome. Where they moved—the great Roman army, when they destroyed the temple, they moved all the artifacts to Rome and there’s where Constantine then set forth the new God that was not actually born in Rome; he was born much earlier than that and worshiped long before that. His worship was discovered in Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 10. But he was actually born in Egypt and, of course, died there too and then they deified him and made him a God.

But the two names that Constantine chose, the religion that he chose and, of course, the names that were picked for the one God were two Gods put together. That name was Jesus Christ. That’s in the Catechisms of the Catholic Church and they admit that they took the Savior’s Name out and Yahweh’s Name out and replaced them with those names.

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