The Standard of Perfection

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches on the subject of eternal life. There is only One Who is the Standard of Perfection … Yahweh. His Perfect Way is the only way to achieve eternal life! Excerpt from sermon dated 11/26/2011…

Titus is the one, the Vatican’s army that led the Vatican’s army. He’s the one that moved all the priests, all these evil priests from the temple, the so-called temple. They moved to the Vatican.
Titus, I know that this is going to surprise a lot of people, but Titus, before he destroyed that temple; he took all the artifacts to Rome.

This is plain in history. I wonder why nobody knows this history except The House of Yahweh. And we’ve put print after print of this history out for everyone, brought it out to the world.

A lot of them are finding out about it now because of The House of Yahweh, but this is a matter of history. He removed all of these artifacts from the temple to Rome before he destroyed the temple.

Before he did that, Daniyl prophesied these three religions, he called horns, and these three horns are going to be uprooted, uprooted from Jerusalem. Because of you, I’m going to plow Zion like a field, I’m going to send you to another place and that’s replanted in the Seven Hills of Rome, which is spoken of in the last part of Revelation.
Revelation 17-18 shows the end of this mess that started with the twelve tribes.

Yes, those people, the Vatican, the Catholics, they actually trace their roots back to the Aaronic priesthood, not that of Mosheh, but the ones who rebelled against Mosheh and rebelled against Samuyl.

They rebelled against all the prophets.

He said you need to follow what the prophets have spoken if you want eternal life.

Turn over to Mattithyah or Matthew if you have a King James Version. If you don’t, write this scripture down. The Savior said, if you want eternal life, if you have a King James Version, a red-letter edition, you’ll see it’s the Savior doing the speaking.

His Name was not Zeus; it is Yahshua, as given by the prophets. The prophets actually give the Name of the Savior.

The Vatican in the Catechisms of the Catholic Church showed that they replaced the Savior’s Name.

In fact, Constantine was the one that chose the name of the savior, which he chose two Gods’ names and he said this is the God you’re all going to worship and if you don’t worship, I’m going to cut your head off and he killed millions of people in bringing this enforcement about and getting the lords established. But he did it. Prophecy said he would.

Well, here the Savior now in Mattithyah 19:16-17, this person comes to Him and says…
verse 16—And behold, one came to Him, and said; Teacher…

And they put lord there in that place, by the way.
He was asking the lord? No! No, Yahshua wasn’t a lord.
In fact, if you picked up an Unger’s Bible Dictionary and looked at it, looked up the word lord, it says it’s not a divine title and should have never been used to replace the Creator’s Name.

This means they used the word lord to replace the Creator’s Name. Unger’s Bible Dictionary or any bible dictionary will tell you the same thing.

… Teacher, what Righteous thing may I do, so that I may have Eternal Life? …

Verse 17—But He said to him: Why do you question Me about Righteousness? There is only One Who is the Standard of Perfection, and He is Yahweh…

That’s what the Prophets wrote.
His Laws are the Standard of Perfection.

They also prophesied that the Two Witnesses would bring this forth in the Last Days and they would be hated by all nations, worse than any two men on earth and that has taken place. We’ve proved it. It was proven in their courts.

… the Standard of Perfection…

Yahweh is the Standard of Perfection.
His Way.
He was saying His Way, Yahweh’s Way is the Standard of Perfection.
You can’t beat the Laws of Yahweh. No way!

If the people would just abide by the Laws that say don’t commit adultery, don’t commit fornication, don’t commit bestiality. That’s not one of the “ten” but it’s one of the Laws. Don’t commit sodomy. Yes, that’s one of Yahweh’s Laws too. Leviticus 18 gives you those Laws.

If they’d just abide by those, they could cut out ninety-nine percent of the sickness in the world, ninety-nine percent.

Did you know science is proving that now, that it is actually coming from that direction?

I told them to look there forty years ago and they would find the cause of these diseases.

Well, now they’re saying, yes, this is the cause of it. They’re actually creating these things in their own bodies that’s coming back to kill them by doing these things to each other.

And the Savior said, notice His Words…

There is only One Who is the Standard of Perfection, and He is Yahweh; so if you would enter into Life, keep the Laws of Yahweh…

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