The Seventh Day Sabbath is Your Appointment With Yahweh

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches the importance of the Sabbath through the Last Days House of Yahweh…

I want to take you back to Genesis because we were talking about the pope now. Their plan, what they try to establish in a person’s mind is that the prophets did certain things one way but we don’t have to do that today.
We can set however we want to worship God, as they call it. We can just set this however we want to. We don’t have to follow any guidelines.

Now, that’s the pope saying, not mine.

The Scriptures, the Holy Scriptures teach that you have to keep these Laws.

• You have to keep appointments with Yahweh.
• That’s your life or that’s your Tree of Life.
• His House is your Tree of Life.
• So you have to keep these appointments with Yahweh.

Well, they said, well the Sabbath, the Seventh Day Sabbath, now this is what they’re planting in the people’s minds, this is what Benedict is doing today, planting in the people’s minds that the Sabbath, the Seventh day Sabbath was not really a memorial of creation. Meaning, if it wasn’t a memorial of creation, why should we bother with it?

Of course, that’s not what Yahweh said.

• He didn’t say keep this as a memorial of creation.
• He said keep your appointments with Me on these days.
• He gave certain days for appointments when He said, “I will be there with you making it a Holy convocation, a Holy Convocation, where I will teach you and I will prove you.”

Prove you for what?

• Prove you fit for eternal life
• Prove you for an eternal position in Yahweh’s Kingdom

If you go to the place where Yahweh chooses, the thirteen attributes of Yahweh will be taught to you there.

There won’t be war and fighting. There won’t be.

There won’t be the killings that are going on throughout the world.

You won’t find murders and drugs and druggists and so forth in Yahweh’s House.

The things that Revelation 9:20 says the beast will not repent of are their fornications, adulteries, sodomy, bestiality, the God worship.

They said the Gods gave them the rights to do this. Well, what God was it? It was rabbi so and so.
And, of course, the pope is trying to say, go ahead and do away with all the Laws. Don’t pay any attention to these Laws. We’ve got to have Sunday. We can’t live without Sunday.

Well, he can’t live by refusing to keep the Seventh Day Sabbath.

Now, Sunday is a workday, of course, the first day of the week, but it’s named after the sun, the sun God and this is the God that they’re worshiping, in fact, on Christmas.
The reason December 25th was chosen as the birthday of the “Savior” was because it’s the birthday of the pagan God, the pagan sun God.
Encyclopedias will tell you that. We have it in our books. We’ll be glad to show it to anyone or send it, send them a copy or tell you where you can get it.

But that’s a fact.
It’s not the birthday of the Savior.

Sunday is not the day, the Sabbath that Yahweh will keep an appointment with you. You can set your own appointments but Yahweh will not be there. Now, I’m sure the sun God Baal would, if he was alive but he’s dead and gone. His grave is with us today. That’s the only thing that’s left of him and that grave has no power to answer prayer. But the pope hasn’t the sense enough to know that right now. He may when he’s facing the hellfire that Yahweh says that he’s going to face in Revelation 20.

But right now, he’s trying to get everyone to stop keeping the Sabbath.
Now, this has been a fight from eternity.
From the day that Yahweh instituted the Sabbath, Satan tried to keep Adam and Eve from keeping or celebrating this appointment with Yahweh. And this may have well been their sin, that they did not keep their appointment and then Yahweh went looking for them on the Sabbath Day and they recognized that they had sinned, finally.

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