The Second Day of Creation – Life in the Firmament “Fixed By Law”

House of Yahweh monthly magazine details the role of atmospheric micro-kingdoms (the workers of the firmament) …

The Role of Bacteria in Weather Events
NEW ORLEANS, LA — Researchers have discovered a high concentration of bacteria in the center of hailstones, suggesting that airborne microorganisms may be responsible for that and other weather events.

“Bacteria have been found within the embryo, the first part of a hailstone to develop. The embryo is a snapshot of what was involved with the event that initiated growth of the hailstone,” says Alexander Michaud of Montana State University in Bozeman, who presented the research.

Michaud and his colleagues analyzed hailstones over 5 centimeters in diameter that were collected on the University campus after a storm in June 2010. The large hailstones were separated into 4 layers and the meltwater from each layer was analyzed. The number of culturable bacteria was found to be highest in the inner cores of the hailstone.

“In order for precipitation to occur, a nucleating particle must be present to allow for aggregation of water molecules,” says Michaud. “There is growing evidence that these nuclei can be bacteria or other biological particles.”

Michaud’s research is part of a growing field of study focusing on bioprecipitation, a concept where bacteria may initiate rainfall and other forms of precipitation including snow and hail. The formation of ice in clouds, which is necessary for snow and most rainfall events, requires ice nuclei (IN), particles that the ice crystals can grow around.

“Ice nucleating strains of P. syringae possess a gene that encodes a protein in their outer membrane that binds water molecules in an ordered arrangement, providing a very efficient nucleating template that enhances ice crystal formation,” says Christner.

Aerosol-cloud simulation models imply that high concentrations of biological IN may influence the average concentration and size of ice crystals in clouds, horizontal cloud coverage in the free troposphere, precipitation levels at the ground and even insulation of the earth from solar radiation.

“Evidence for the distribution of biological IN in the atmosphere coupled with the warm temperatures at which they function as IN has implied that biological IN may play a role in the Earth’s hydrological cycle and radiative balance,” says Christner.
American Society for Microbiology

In the Hebrew words describing the firmament, we find the English meanings compact mass, prop and support, something solid, capable of bearing up the waters that the micro-kingdoms accumulate in masses above and having the heavenly bodies affixed to it as to a crystalline pavement. Notice, they are fixed stationary but flexible.

II Samuyl 22:8, KJV
Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundations of heaven moved and shook, because he was wroth.

We see here the foundations of heaven (firmament). We also see in the Prophets’ Writings the compact mass, capable of bearing up the waters that Yahweh set Laws for to guide in the accumulating of masses above, fixed by Law.

Remember fixed by Law in creation on the second day.

Transforming the solar constant into the energy radiated by the Sun and thence into its effective temperature was impossible until the law that connects the temperature of a surface with the amount of heat radiated per second—the Stefan-Boltzmann law—was established about 1880.

Remember fixed by law, again speaking of the foundations of heaven (firmament). Now compare the firmament in Yahshub’s (Job’s) lesson in astronomy.

Job 26:11, Amplified Bible
The pillars of the heavens tremble and are astonished at His rebuke.

Notice the pillars of the heavens (firmament). Now read:
Job 26:10, Amplified Bible
He has placed an enclosing limit [the horizon] upon the waters at the boundary between light and darkness.

Again, speaking of the firmament, coming from the Hebrew words showing the firmament having heavenly bodies affixed to it by boundaries (Laws). Please keep in mind that the workers, the micro-kingdoms, are active families of workers much like families or kingdoms of ants; yet, much smaller, that were bound to do certain jobs in the firmament for the benefit of mankind.

Now read:
Psalm 78:23
Yet He commanded the skies above, and opened the doors of heaven.

He commanded the skies (firmament).

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