The Message of the Kingdom

Yisrayl Hawkins on Life in the Kingdom of Yahweh

We brought this information on the firmament and how we have really damaged the firmament and how the firmament actually controls our food supply, the water supply, the air we breathe, the fruit trees that bring us fruit and the vegetables that come from the ground, all of that is controlled by the firmament that Yahweh made for man and it was perfect when He made it.

It fed the earth, it fed Yahweh’s People and He put man in the garden and commanded him through His Laws, Statutes and Judgments, “Guard this food supply”.

Now, that is the Message you see there of the Kingdom. And that’s the Message Yahshua wants you to learn first and says you’ve got to learn this first, then all this other will be added to you. Everything your heart desires can be given to you and more so. You’ll have voluptuous living. You’ll have more than you could ever dream possible and any desire that was Righteous, well you could create it in a few seconds or a few minutes, just by giving the command because you’re going to have that power to do so.

Everybody today, when they build something, they build it out of what Yahweh created. They take what the enzymes themselves built on the earth, the steel, it was made by enzymes. In fact, biology, if you studied biology, you know that if you could suddenly reduce yourself to the size of a pinhead and you’d be sitting on top of a piece of iron bar, you could feel the little objects that that iron, that steel is made out of. They’re all alive. They’re moving. This iron post right here is flexible. It’s moving right now of live creatures. You can melt it down, you can form it in any shape you want to but those objects, those live creatures are there.

If a person had the power to do it, they could command this iron bar to turn to the shaped of a washtub, a big washtub and it would do it.
Now, that’s the power you’re going to have.

Seek first this Kingdom and then all of this other will be added to you.

But you can’t serve Yahweh’s Kingdom and the world of mammon right now, which the world is full of mammon right now and that’s all they got their minds on, that and their illegal lust, their lust of fulfilling their lust and that’s the reason for all the buying. Well, that shift has changed now…

When you receive your power to move this mountain from here over there and it will move, by command, you say unto this mountain and it will move, that’s by command; you will have that kind of power.

But you will not create something for yourself or anyone else that could damage this Kingdom that was given to Mosheh that has to be guarded.

That’s our food supply.

That’s our way of life and will always be.

We will always be eating food and surviving and we will do it throughout all eternity on the right kind of food, the way that Yahweh created it.

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