The Laws of Yahweh Rejected by Stiff-necked and Rebellious People – Then and Now

Yisrayl Hawkins on the twelve tribes… excerpt from the eleventh Book of Yisrayl part II…

In Deuteronomy 31:27For I know how rebellious and stiff-necked you are. If you have been rebellious against Yahweh this day, while I am yet alive with you, then how much more will you rebel after my death?

Now, this is of course, Mosheh [Moses] speaking here and this right here occurred around 1451 b.c.e. This he wrote to these people. He said this to these people and this was written. And if you want to make a note at the side of that verse, b.c.e. 1451.

If you wanted to go back to Exodus 12, which occurred about 1491, you can see forty years after Exodus 12, forty years.

Exodus 12 was when Mosheh first started teaching under the Priest Yethro, brought the children of Israyl out of Egypt and started teaching them the Laws of Yahweh.

Well, forty years later, doesn’t it look like they should have improved some?

Well, now remember what I told you about cutting them off from The Tree of Life. Yahweh gave them His Law, taught them His Laws, but they didn’t accept His Laws like people tend to believe and Christianity, they take delight in saying, you know, those people followed the Laws.

They didn’t follow the Laws, not anywhere down the line. Forty years later, he’s saying, even while I’m with you, you’re stiff necked and rebellious. That was forty years later.

If you look on over to I Samuyl, here we have a Righteous Priest that Yahweh set up that had a circuit that he went to throughout the land of Israyl. Of course, by the time Samuyl was on the scene, most of the people, especially the young people had grown up, wanted no part of it, spread out to other nations, started colonies, started forming armies and, of course, went to war against the weaker peoples of the lands, killed them, took their land.

But I Samuyl 15:22 was written in about 1087 b.c.e.. And he says here in verse 22Then Samuyl said; Has Yahweh as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the Voice of Yahweh?

Now, he was speaking to a king here, a king who was over Israyl and people were supposed to follow his example. And Samuyl is saying, you are disobeying. He says, …Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice…

Obedience is what we see that’s supposed to come forth and is going to come forth from Genesis 49:10. He says obedience of the gentiles, whichever word you want to use, they’re going to be obedient once Shiloh comes forth totally. Two billion of them are going to be obedient.

Now, in I Samuyl 15:22 here, he says, …to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen… That word should be harken. …than the fat of rams…

To obey, it’s everything.

If you won’t obey Yahweh, you won’t be a part of His Kingdom. That is an absolute fact.

And when you’re told to do something, as Saul was told to do, just given a simple command, first off, don’t bring any of those animals back with you. Don’t do this. Well he didn’t tell him, “Those animals are diseased. We don’t want them in this flock. We want to try to straighten up our flock. We’re supposed to bring cleanliness to the land.”

He could have went in and talked to him for five days trying to explain to this rebellious, stiff necked attitude, but if you don’t obey, if you’re not obedient, you won’t make it.

Notice what he said to Saul here. And that’s what we’re going to receive out of two billion people, obedience.

Verse 23, Because rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…

It’s sin.

Rebellion is sin.

…and stubbornness is the same as iniquity… It’s the same as doing away with the Laws. Stubbornness, it’s the same.

Either you humble yourself, as Yahshua said, or you won’t be part of this two billion people or the ones that lead the two billion people into obedience. You can’t rebel and teach obedience, right? Your actions speak louder than words.

Iniquity is doing away with Yahweh’s Laws, as Isayah 24 show. It’s also God worship. It’s following this one that is bringing your strength down as Amosyah showed.

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