The Greatest Jobs Are Still Ahead

Yisrayl Hawkins explains how the Kingdom of Yahweh will be set up. No longer will they say the great Father Yahweh lives Who brought out the children of Israyl out of Egypt … excerpt from The Eleventh Book of Yisrayl

Well, here in Isayah 44, He shows you Two Witnesses, of course. In Isayah 43:28 he shows you that one is going to die, the other one, like Yahshub (Job or Iyyob) is going to suffer reproach.

It was a great surprise, and a great letdown when I became a jailbird because I was arrested for teaching Yahweh’s Way.
I was arrested because the Name went up “House of Yahweh”.

That’s when it started.

We were dragged into court. They wanted to find something to run us out of this country. And finally, finally I was arrested for it, put in jail and people went into shock and they ran. “Well, that man was thrown in jail. Look what he’s charged with. He’s worse than Al Capone,” the D.A. said.

Why would that surprise you? This should encourage you more and more!

Every Prophet, every Apostle was arrested and murdered. And you’re told I am going to suffer reproach. And then He even gives you examples, through Yahshub, who gives you the details of these things that Yahweh allows to be laid upon the leaders who teach.

We’ve got the greatest people on earth sitting here with the greatest job ahead of them ever who are going to have two billion people to teach and guide and judge. And that’s you! You!

You think we’re too small for that?

We’re not. Remember the story where Yahweh said, “This is too many, I don’t want this many?” Remember that? And He said, He went to separating them. Take all out that do this. Take all out that do this. Finally, He said, “Just take the ones that lap like a dog when they drink water.” Well, how few people would lap like a dog to drink water? And He said, “Yeah that’s enough right here, just a handful. That’s all I need.” And He defeated armies.

You can do the same thing, brethren, and you’re going to do it. You’re going to do it. You’re going to be the ones who teach and organize. Now, you’re going to teach them first.
You’re going to teach this two billion people first. You’re going to set up municipalities. You’re going to set up cities, governments, to govern this whole thing with true, just Judges, then you’re going to be watching those true, just Judges and make sure that they are true and just and you’re going to test them, maybe afflict them or whatever, to test them to see if they really will. How are you going to know they will be true forever if you don’t? You wouldn’t. And that’s what Yahweh is doing to you.

He has the greatest job ever offered to mankind, the greatest job. Much greater than – they will never even think about Mosheh coming out of Egypt again once they hear what you’ve done in the great nuclear age and that is actually spoken. Yahweh inspired it to be written.

You remember that scripture? You do, don’t you, written by the Apostles and Prophets. No longer will they say the great Father Yahweh lives Who brought out the children of Israyl out of Egypt, but in these Last Days took two billion people out of this world and they all served Him joyfully—remember these? The palm branches and so forth. That’s what it says.

That’s your job for these Last Days. That’s what you’re training for. That’s what you’re being tried and tested for.

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