The Curse has Devoured the Earth

Sickness, disease, bullying, hatred, violence, crime, and war are evidence of fulfilled prophecy that the curse has devoured the earth. Excerpt from The House of Yahweh free publication explains the reason why…

The Savior, Yahshua Messiah, in speaking of The End referred to this time period as the Last Generation, when knowledge would be increased and, due to a lack of wisdom, the invention of nuclear bombs that will cause nuclear destruction. This is the Last Generation when rebellious empires, due to a lack of wisdom, would be able to destroy the earth.

Isayah 24:1-6
1 Before Yahweh’s very Eyes, the earth is made empty and it is made waste; the face of it is perverted and its inhabitants scattered abroad;
2 And it will be: as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his owner; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with him who takes usury, so with him who gives usury to him:
3 The land will be utterly emptied and utterly plundered, for it has come to pass that this Judgment has been pronounced.
4 The earth mourns and fades away, the world mourns and fades away, and the haughty people of the earth languish.
5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants of it, because they have transgressed the Laws, changed the Ordinance, and broken the Everlasting Covenant.
6 Because of this, the curse has devoured the earth, and they who dwell therein are desolate; therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.

These verses show clearly a world of death and mourning from sickness and disease. In today’s news, we see death from disease epidemics spreading all over the world. Everyone in the world is sick and take drugs to cover the symptoms. They continually create drugs in hopes of finding a cure for what they, or their ancestors, caused to take place in their bodies. In this generation, the mutations are multiplying faster than antibiotics can slow them down. Even with today’s ‘greatest wisdom’, mankind is still groping in the dark. They’re unable to see the answers to their problems, even though they’re right in front of them and have been for years.

Isayah 59:10
10 We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate places as the dead.

Compare here:
Isayah 65:2, 5-7
2 I have spread out My Hands all the day to a rebellious people, who walk in a way which is not right, after their own thoughts; devices;
5 Who say; Stand by yourself! Do not come near me, for I am holier than you! These are a stench in My nostrils, a fire that burns all the day.
6 Behold, it is written before Me; I will not keep silent, for they have their reward for their committing acts of adultery, fornication, and sodomy, yea even, they have their reward, which is in their nakedness which they have shamefully exposed—
7 You and your fathers have transgressed My Laws together, says Yahweh. You have burned incense upon the mountains, and blasphemed Me upon the hills. Therefore your reward for what you have done will be measured into your nakedness which you have shamefully exposed.

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