Thank you Father Yahweh for giving us Your Servant Yisrayl Hawkins

Yisrayl Hawkins has changed my life completely. The list could go on forever, but there is one way that I would like to share. Yisrayl Hawkins, Yahweh’s Anointed Servant and the Greatest Teacher on Earth, has guided me to become a teacher of righteousness. Since the moment I first met him at the Land of Yahweh on T & P Lane 25 years ago and he said, “Welcome to Yahweh’s House” in his Okie accent, he has always taught me and every one else, that Yahweh has called us here to learn and practice His Laws and go forth to teach and train others. He has shown us how we will go forward to teach the nations and the universe one day very soon.

For many, being a speaker and teacher may come naturally, but for me, an extremely shy person who would rather do extra work than give a speech in school, it doesn’t. Yisrayl Hawkins promotes learning how to speak through The New World Speech Class at Yahweh’s House. I was greatly encouraged by other members to join in when I first moved to Texas in 1989. Standing for the first time before a group of people was no easy task. I read my speech word for word from the paper I had written feeling my face turn red and practically ran back to my seat. Amazingly, I survived! Thus began my many, many years of speech classes…I can’t even remember how many I have attended now. And I have just signed up for the newest speech class to be starting in the 8th Roman month. I look at Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins as such a wonderful example who says he still gets nervous but has boldness for Yahweh because he has such love for Yahweh and His Laws.

Now I have been greatly blessed to be a teacher on the Sabbath days and who has spoken at Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Conferences and before the nations via the Internet. What a humbling experience and opportunity. Many years ago when I was struggling with something, I had an appointment with Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins and when I questioned him concerning a matter I couldn’t understand, he said, “Well I expect more from you!” I have this etched in my mind as I face each day with the many tests that must be endured.

Thank you Father Yahweh and Yisrayl Hawkins for expecting more from me!

A Forever Student

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