Take Your Place in The Tree of Life

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches from Psalm 110…

Let’s look back to Psalm 110. Keep it in mind. I used to think why – how could a Man, you know, knowing what He was going to suffer, how could He face that?

Because He knew that He was going to suffer much and, of course, when you think about that and if that’s all you think about in your trials and tests today, and believe me, Yahweh is trying you.

• He knows your thoughts. He wants to know, yes!
• He actually wants to know how mean you can be.
• How hateful you can be.
• What kind of a sourpuss face you can put on to make everybody feel bad around you.
• He wants to know that so He won’t allow you in the Kingdom.
• He certainly don’t want you there forever.

What He wants is somebody who’ll bring joy on the Sabbath Day, who will be a blessing like He was and is.
You’ve got to be made in His Image. Praise Yahweh!

Well here in Psalm 110, notice verse 1 now, still speaking of atonement, of course, but keep in mind what the Savior went through. How He went through it.

He kept thinking of the Glory that this is going to bring to mankind.

Well, why would He think of the Glory that it’s going to bring to mankind?

Mankind is going to be given Glory throughout the universe in order to solve the problems, problems just like we’re facing on earth.
But we’re going to be ruling; that is guiding, teaching, bringing forth this to the universe.
The universe now mourns waiting for the revealing, the manifestation as the King James Version says, that’s the revealing of the sons of man.
So you’re being proven right now, proven, so that you can take your place in the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life to bring Joy, Love, everything that makes for abundant living.

Psalm 110:1
1. Yahweh said to my Ruler…

In Prophecy, He said to my Ruler …

Psalm 110:1
1. Yahweh said to my Ruler and King: Sit at My Right Hand, until I make Your enemies Your footstool…

Saying Yahshua, the Savior, was actually going to be caught up to heaven and sit at Yahweh’s Right Hand.

When though?

Well, the rest of the Prophecies show this.

• First, He had to come and suffer and die.
• Then he had to be resurrected in three days, after three days, at the end of three days.
• If He hadn’t stayed in the grave three days and three nights, He wouldn’t be our Savior.

That was a proof.

And He stayed there three days and three nights.

He rose, He rose, yes, on the Sabbath, as it was beginning to dawn towards the first day of the week. Yes, He rose.
He was out of the grave and gone on the Sabbath.

So why don’t you change?

You say you’re celebrating the resurrection. Now since I told you this, I can also prove it to you if you want me to. Write and get our literature and I’ll show you. It’s in the Scriptures. He rose on the Sabbath.

So why don’t we celebrate the Sabbath in honor of His resurrection and in honor of Yahweh?

You’re lying when you say that Sunday is the resurrection day.
You want to celebrate a lie?

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