Strive To Be Like Yahshua

Excerpt from sermon given by Yisrayl Hawkins on 06/02/12…

Now think about what mankind has done with his electricity-pulled computers and what you would be able to do if you had the use of your subconscious mind right now.

Now this is what Yahweh is going to turn over to you very, very soon.

Those people who qualify as being the sons and daughters of Yahweh, which proved themselves, as Psalm 110 says, they will prove themselves Righteous.

They will go forth with you.

Those people are going to be given the use of their subconscious minds.

That’s what’s going to bring them up to where Yahshua is right now–the standard that He set for us, when we get to the point to where we’re like Him and that’s what you better be striving for and quickly.

Govern your lives like Yahshua did His.
Be like Him.
Be like He said to be

Don’t be a bastard. Be humble. Be a humble person to accept Yahweh.

And surely everybody could see the harm that is coming to this world by the little bit of knowledge that Yahweh is giving. This is a very little knowledge. The knowledge that comes forth with these computers, it’s gigantic, of course. It can do gigantic things that can destroy the earth and that’s exactly what man is gonna use it to do, to take over the earth, depopulate the earth. Kill everybody but the ones they consider, that are not their enemies. And then pretty soon you’ll want to kill some more and some more.

The character of the world right now, if they had the use of their subconscious mind, the world would already be gone and the heavens that go with it.

That’s the thing.
When you get the use of your subconscious mind you’ll be able to control or destroy a planet, or move it, whatever you want to do.

And what our frame of mind will be, we will do nothing that Yahweh does not want us to do.

Remember Yahshua’s Words?
“I will not do anything unless the Father tells me to do it.” That’s what He said. It was written “I cannot”. The words there are actually I will not.
And that was His determination. “I will not do anything unless the Father who has sent Me tells Me to do it.”

If you take that same attitude, you’ll make it.

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