The Spirit of This World and The Spirit of Yahweh are Opposites – 3

Excerpt from sermon given 6/1/13 Part Three

Now let’s go to Luke. Let’s go back to Luke 8. He makes a statement here, and it’s very important to keep from being deceived is to keep your mind on this and what He’s saying.

Remember His Words here in Luke 8 and look at verse 13, The seed on the rock… The seed on the rock. …are those who, when they hear, receive the Word… They receive it, yes. …the Laws and the Prophets, with joy…

You remember how joyous you were when you found this Truth?

One person woke up of a night and said they saw it running across the screen “His Name is Yahweh.” And they got the number and they were so joyous. They’re here now. They moved here so they could be at The House of Yahweh, the Protected Place.

You hear the helicopters overhead while ago? Don’t worry! This is the Protected Place. Fear not!

…but these have no root… They have no root.

What was He talking about here? …who believe for a while, but in time of temptation… Time of temptation when Satan starts putting things in their mind, they start falling away.

Turn back again, turn on over again to Yahchanan 20. Yahchanan 20 and look at verse 29. Yahchanan 20:29. And keep what He said in mind in Luke. They have no foundation. They have no root within themselves.

You got to understand this root that He’s talking about, the foundation.

This is Yahchanan 20:29. Yahshua said to him; Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed… Well, of course, because 5,000, 8,000 saw Him take a few fish and a few loaves of bread and fed them and then gathered up more than they had to begin with.

Yes, they saw this. Remember that? And they all left Him. What benefit was this miracle?

It’s beneficial to us because we believe it. But then we have some deeper roots here. We know how He did this. One of these days, these cooks that are working with sweat, they’ll be able to command the meal to be formed on the table and stand there and watch it be put together. Yes, you’ll have that Power, if you believe. Now if the doubts start coming to make you believe otherwise, well she’ll pull you away, of course.

…Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed… Well, that’s the reason I told Yahweh I didn’t want to see miracles. All it does is trap people. They come into The House of Yahweh and then somebody leads them away because they have no root within themselves, so they lead them away. And others go following after them. So you lose more than you gain this way.

What I want is people who have their roots in these Prophets, their Work and the Apostles’ Work and believe every Word of it.

If you believe it, you’ll stay with me.

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