Sealing the Saints

Excerpt from a sermon by Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins, 7/31/04

This is for the preparation of the sealing of the Saints. Yahweh says, “I’m going to establish My House and they will teach My Laws.”

What I want you to understand is what this sealing is and how it takes place. It doesn’t take place overnight or in an hour. It’s not instant at all.

I know everyone wants everything to be instant; like the end is supposed to be a one-day period according to all the churches.

It’s not.

It’s a three and a half year period of war.

That’s the end. The end means the end of man’s governments of the people and by the people.

It’s not the end of life.
Life is going to go on.

It’s not the end of the earth; the earth is going to go on.

It’s the end of the world, but the world is governments of the people and by the people. This is the world that you are supposed to come out of. You should know all of that by now.

I want to talk about this word, sealing, as in sealing of the Saints. You see in Revelation 10:7 where the wars are held back.

The word, seal, means to stamp with a signet or a private mark.

One prophet described this sealing in a certain way. I will read this to you later but it’s in my mind so I think I’ll go ahead and tell you.
He said, it was like an intelligent man who wrote a book. He put a seal on it and then he decided to share it with other people. He gave it to some of his colleagues and said, “Take this out and share it with some intelligent men of the earth because I want to know what they think about my great wisdom that I’ve written in this book.”
He sent it to a distinguished character and the character said to the servant who brought it to him, “I can’t look at this book, it’s sealed.”

Get in your mind what he gave you right there concerning the seal that Yahweh is going to place upon you.”

No one can open this seal except Yahweh or Yahshua and see what’s under that seal. If you remember in Revelation he said, “Here’s a book that’s sealed with seven seals. They looked for everyone and no one in heaven or earth could open that book.

Do you remember that?

Put yourself in place of this book and you’ll know what is taking place.
When Yahweh seals you, this is what takes place.
You are sealed and you belong only to that person. Praise Yahweh.

For a person to open this seal that Yahweh puts upon you, he would have to be Yahweh Himself or one of Yahweh’s representatives who would rule as Yahweh. He’s the only one who could open this seal and reveal what’s in your mind, heart and body. Now, does that make sense? There has to be a judge appointed. Yes, it all makes sense. One judge will be appointed for this generation and that generation.

If that’s not plain enough, brethren, let me make it a little plainer.

You’re sealed under me if you’re in The House of Yahweh.

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