The Planned Genealogies Of The Kingdom

Excerpts from the sermon series given by Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins…

It’s not like Yahweh sets you in a gear and you have to follow it. You can go either way. You can follow the genes that suggest what the right way is where your conscience says to you, “Don’t go that other way. Don’t commit sin; it’s going to bring evil. That way is evil.” You have that ability in your subconscious mind.

A whole library goes into every cell. I told you years ago that the human mind is capable of retaining storehouses of knowledge. That is, the subconscious mind can do that. There are parts of the mind that we can’t use, because they’re not given to us yet.

We will have use of the full mind if we get the wheel complete to where it turns smoothly and doesn’t bump when it goes around! If we get the wheel complete and Yahweh gives us the use of the subconscious mind, then we will have a giant computer that can hold so much information.

They claim that all the computers in the world cannot house or contain one-ten thousandth as much as the human mind can. In fact, there seems to be no limit on the mind and what it can contain. The more you feed it, the better it is; it doesn’t wear out.

In fact, it builds on what you feed it. It either builds or deteriorates depending on what you feed it.

There are no computers on the face of the earth, even if you stacked them all up together that would in any way near equal the one that’s up here in your head. Science knows that also. They’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours trying to harness the power of the mind to get it to where they can use the power.

Yahweh has set a time for the use of it.

That’s the reason I know man won’t find the secret to the subconscious mind where they’ll be able to use the power. Yahweh has locked it up and will not allow the use of it until a person qualifies.

You qualify by keeping His Laws and renewing your body with the Righteous genes that Yahweh Himself wants there.
Sermon Series #2, 3 & 5

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