Prophecies Prove the Scriptures are True

The House of Yahweh explains scriptural prophecies for this present generation… I urge you to get the book, The End, so you can see many Prophecies concerning this last generation and witness them coming to pass at this time. The Prophecies in your bible prove the bible true. The fulfilled Prophecies give us absolute proof […] Read more »

Information in Your Bible

The House of Yahweh teaches scriptural knowledge… The health information that Yahweh inspired His Prophets to write for us, researchers are only now proving them True. Billions have suffered and died at young ages because they did not know the information given in their bibles would have given them a healthy, long life. Billions more […] Read more »

What Is The Truth?

The House of Yahweh gives scriptural insight… The Truth is… I Yahchanan 3:4, 7-8, 10— 4 Whoever commits sin, transgresses also the Laws; for sin is the transgression of the Laws. 7 Little children, let no man deceive you; he who practices Righteousness is Righteous, just as He is Righteous. 8 He who commits sin […] Read more »

Mattithyah 24 – Today!

The House of Yahweh teaches from The Book of Mattithyah (Matthew) … Iniquity is seen all over the world today. Yes, anyone can hear it coming from the pulpits of every religion on earth. Iniquity and sin create and mutate viruses (parasites, bacteria, etc.)—STDs. Mattithyah 24:7— For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against […] Read more »

Viruses Caused By Sin

  Excerpt from The House of Yahweh monthly magazine…   Leviticus 18:20— Moreover, you shall not have sexual relations with your neighbor’s wife, to defile yourself, along with her.   The Hebrew word translated defile is tame, which means contaminated, polluted, uncleanness, unclean.   Compare Numbers 19 and we see that the uncleanness caused by a man having sexual relations with another man’s […] Read more »

What Causes STDs?

  Excerpt from The House of Yahweh monthly magazine…   What causes STDs? Pure and simple, It’s sin!   Leviticus 18:1-30— 1 And Yahweh spoke to Mosheh, saying: 2 Speak to the children of Israyl and say to them; I am Yahweh your Father. 3 After the doings of the land of Egypt where you dwelt, shall […] Read more »

What causes STDs? Pure and simple, It’s sin!

  Excerpt from The House of Yahweh monthly magazine…   The practice of a woman having multiple partners is called adultery or fornication in your bible.   Adultery is forbidden in your bible as an activity that causes STDs. Notice also one of the Ten Commandments which forbids adultery.   Exodus 20:14— You shall not […] Read more »

STDs Caused By Sin

  Excerpt from The House of Yahweh monthly magazine…   Dr. Eric Genden, professor and chair of otolaryngology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City told CBS News…“There’s an epidemic of HPV-related throat cancers.”   HPV is an STD. In recent years, throat cancers related to the sexually transmitted human […] Read more »

As In The Days of Noah

  Excerpt from the House of Yahweh monthly magazine…   Notice now the things the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, said we would see in this generation.   Mattithyah 24:12, 21-22, 29, 37-38— 12 And because iniquity will abound, the love of the many will grow cold. 21 For then will be Great Tribulation, such as has not come to pass […] Read more »

The Inspired Scriptures Describe End Times

  House of Yahweh publication…   Michael Douglas has raised the awareness that sin, abounding gloriously in this generation, along with iniquity, both of which are practiced by the whole world today, cause STDs.   STDs cause cancer and a whole host of other diseases.   These statements are scientific facts now. This has been recently discovered or, at least, […] Read more »

Feast Days Must Be Kept

  Excerpt from House of Yahweh newsletter…   Remember, Yahweh says, in I Yahchanan 4:1, that many false prophets have gone out into the world. In fact, in Revelation 12:9, Yahweh says that Satan, through her servants, her preachers, has deceived the whole world.   Yahweh’s Ordinances concerning His Feast Days are just as much a part […] Read more »

Yahweh’s Feasts: His Shadow From Things To Come

  Excerpt from The House of Yahweh newsletter…   This world’s governments are going to pass away, along with all the illegal lusts that are rampant in this world.   But, those who keep Yahweh’s Laws will abide forever; they will abide under the Shadow of Yahweh.   Those who will practice what Yahweh says […] Read more »

Yahweh’s Feasts Days at the Appointed Time

  The House of Yahweh explains Yahweh’s Sabbath and Feast Days…   Yahweh did not leave us guessing about the Appointed Time, which He sets, when He will meet with His People in Holy Convocation. These Ordinances are made available to us, in the Books of the Laws, the first five Books of the Holy […] Read more »

Yahweh’s Sabbath, Yahweh’s Mark

  The House of Yahweh explains …   Yes, the Scriptures speak of more than one Sabbath. Those who want to know Yahweh must observe these days.   Let us first read of Yahweh’s Weekly Seventh day Sabbath   Exodus 31:13-17— 13 Speak also to the children of Israyl, saying; Surely My Sabbaths you shall keep, […] Read more »

Revelation 18 – Come out of Her My People

  Excerpt from a House of Yahweh free monthly publication…   Revelation 18:1-5— 1 And after these things I saw another malak come down from heaven, having great authority; and the earth was enlightened with His glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and […] Read more »

Seek the Habitation of Yahweh, Your Father

  Excerpt from The House of Yahweh free monthly newsletter…   Deuteronomy 12:5— But you are to seek the Habitation of your Father; The House of Yahweh—the place which Yahweh your Father shall choose out of all your tribes to establish His Name—and there you must go. Mattithyah 6:33— But seek you first the Kingdom of Yahweh and His Righteousness, […] Read more »

Come Learn the Way to Peace, Joy, Love & Health

  The House of Yahweh is preaching this Message right now…   Mattithyah 24:14— And this Joyous Message of the Kingdom of Yahweh shall be preached in all the world from The House of Yahweh at Abel by the Witness Yisrayl; for Yahweh will be with him. He will preach this Message to all nations; and then The End will come. […] Read more »

How will it End?

  Excerpt from House of Yahweh newsletter…   Isayah 24:1-6, 18-20— 1 Before Yahweh’s very Eyes, the earth is made empty and it is made waste; the face of it is perverted and its inhabitants scattered abroad; 2 And it will be: as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his owner; […] Read more »

There is a Protected Place

  The House of Yahweh explains…   Micahyah 4:1-3— 1 But in the Last Days it will come to pass that the mountain; promotion, of The House of Yahweh will be established in the chief of the nations. It will be raised above all congregations; and all peoples will eventually flow to it. 2 And many people will go and say; Come, and let […] Read more »

The Beast in the Book of Revelations

Excerpt from House of Yahweh monthly newsletter…   Revelation 17: 1-6, 18, 9— 1 And there came one of the seven malakim who had the seven bowls, and talked with me, saying to me: Come, I will show you the sentence of the great whore that sits upon many waters, 2 With whom the kings of the earth […] Read more »

As The Days of Noah

  Excerpt from House of Yahweh monthly newsletter…   In this present generation, there are several strong kingdoms, which for a few years have wealthy friendships between leaders of the nations. They gain wealth from the nations’ leaders, at the expense of the majority of the citizens, whose share of the wealth was stolen, but […] Read more »

In The Beginning

  The House of Yahweh explains in free newsletter…   In the beginning, Yahweh outlined a time of training with set days or appointments. All who attend these appointments, He shows, could qualify to also receive eternal life and authority as a member of the Yahweh Family.   They would work with the Creator Yahweh […] Read more »