Mattithyah (Matthew) 4:4 – Live By The Every Word of Yahweh

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches on the Laws of Yahweh and the Kingdom of Yahweh
Excerpt from The Seventh Book of Yisrayl, Part 1…

He wasn’t kidding when He said, only those that live by the every Word—that’s the only way, you’re going to live, is by—that’s in Mattithyah 4:4—the every Word of Yahweh.

The reason we have to get these in our mind, and if you don’t listen to me when I’m bringing this information, you won’t get it in your mind and it won’t be a part of you. It won’t be a part of your character.

We’ve got to get it in our minds and be able to carry this out, without the mistakes that were made.

If we don’t, we’ll be making the same mistakes over and over and over and over, unless we follow these rules that Yahweh gives us to go by.

Well, Riyyah (Ruth) and Boaz were two people, out of a world of hostility, set up, where people were doing their own things and going their own ways and not seeking answers at Abilene.

Abilene had the House of prayer, the House for the answers Yahweh gave them to teach the Laws.

Of course, these kings, as we saw, they would go out on their own and do things and tell the priests to do things. They had priests that they could tell them to build an altar to Baal and they would build it. These were the High Priests. That’s how far they had sunk down. In the tribes there, after they rejected Yahweh, through Samuyl and say, we want a king to dwell over us.

Well, in that time period now, Yahweh still had people. There were still some that followed Yahweh strictly. Riyyah and Boaz were two of those people. And they knew the Laws and they might seem little to you, but they seemed big to them. And that—that’s what we’ve got to get in our mind. Every Law of Yahweh is big.

You remember Yahshua spoke of this when He said, not one iota will pass from the Laws. We’ve got to get it all. He said—those who—maybe we better turn there and read it.

Mattithyah 5:17-18
17 Do not even think that I have come to destroy the Laws or the Prophets; I have not come to destroy them, but to establish them.
18 For truly I say to you; Unless heaven and earth pass away, one yodh…

Or the smallest letter.

Well, what does that mean?

Does it mean it’ll still be written in a book?

No, brethren, it’s got to be in your mind. It’s got to be in your character, every bit of this has got to be used by you.

And that’s what He’s saying here.
Verse 18
… Unless heaven and earth pass away, one yodh will in no way pass from the Laws, until all things are perfected…


That includes the planets, brethren. It includes the nations and then the planets.

Well, somebody has got to have these in their mind and teaching them, as the Scriptures show, for this to take place. They’re all going to be perfected by every Word of this Law, every yodh, every tittle.

Verse 19—Whosoever, therefore, will break one of the least of these Laws…

Least Laws.

You know, practice breaking them, as the Amplified Bible says, makes it habitually, habitually break these—one of the least ones, you’ll be found out about and you’ll be bound hand and foot and thrown away.

That’s what Yahshua said. He’s not going to back out.

We’ve got to get them. We’ve got to—to be a part of this and start following the every Word of it.
He says, you’ll be least in the Kingdom of Yahweh.

…but whosoever will do and teach…

Notice, did you get that?

Do and teach.

What’s the best form of teaching?
Example! Example! Example!
That’s the best form of teaching.

…the same will be called great in the Kingdom of Yahweh…

The others won’t be there.

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