Letter From The Great Kohan Yedidiyah Hawkins


Great Saints of Yahweh,

Shalom. May the Great Peace of Yahweh be with you and the Great Work which is now being done with great strength.

I hope that this letter finds you all in the best of health and that you are ready for this great nuclear baby to finally come. I still try hard to follow the news and can put things together, along with the Books of Yisrayl.

I am almost finished with the newest one, #11, part 2. It is one of the best, very humbling and strong in the Strength of Yahweh. When you sit down and study it, you can see Spirit Holy jumping out at you and resting on your mind, and it gives your heart and mind the strength to fight against the influences of Hillel.

I could go on and on with the interesting things of these great Books of Yisrayl. I can say this much, it helps you overcome at a much faster rate than you trying to do it on your own without them.

I hope to be home soon, Yahweh willing. Please pray for me and the others whom Yahweh may be calling. May Yahweh bless you and your understanding.

Love, True Love in Yahshua’s Name

Kohan Yedidiyah Hawkins

PS: On June 12, 2012 Russia gave Syria attack helicopters to fight against the uprising. Remember the Gulf War series about Syria going down. This is on the date of the nuclear baby. This is part of it. 🙂

Oh, look this up on the Internet or somewhere: “human microbio project”. They are listening to Pastor, but seeking their own solution.

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  1. yahsha says:

    this letter is so wonderful ,we miss you so very much.your strenght is inspiring.you are a great example for us all. Some of us may yet need to face the same thing I pray we can all stand as strong.Your love for Yahweh is obvious.Hope you are with us soon.

  2. ij Tus says:

    May Yahweh bless u and keep you.Our heart remains with you as you grow in strength despite all odds.
    Hear oh Israyl,Yahweh is our father Yahweh is one.

  3. Asher Maji Hawkins says:

    Though as at the time I and my family came into the Great House of Yahweh, you were already in prison for righteousness sake, we only read about your story from the internet and discovered that it was a complete frame up, now reading this your letter brings tears to my eyes. May Great Father Yahweh continue to strenghten you, bless you and keep you. Yahweh knows all things.

  4. Adiukwu emmanuel says:

    May great father YAHWEH bless u we ‘re praying for u and all other brethens who are in the same suffering both physical and spiritual , may our father strength our greatest teacher the great kohan Abel Hawkins,praise yahweh!

  5. Billy Davis says:

    I am so looking forward to the day when our Great Kohan Yedidiyah bounces out on the stage
    to introduce pastor Yisrayl Able Hawkins, who inturns introduces our Beloved Messiah Yahshua, Who then as only He can Yahshua says please stand and now for the moment we have all been waiting for…. Here is your Wonderful loving ONE and ONLY CREATOR OUR LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER YAHWEH!

    Revelation 22:20-21

    He Who testifies these things, says:
    Surely I come quickly!
    May this be so!

    The love of our King,
    Yahshua Messiah be with you all.


    • Gift Matthayh Babalola says:

      Shalom Great Priest of Yahweh,

      It is so awesome to hear from you. Though i haven’t been called into Yahweh’s House as at the time you were away, but i have heard so much great news about you. This letter tells it all. I am so inspired by it. We pray for you everyday, with ernest expectation that you will come home soon to continue to help out in this great work. We are confident that the time is not too far from now. We can’t wait to have you back!….We will continue to pray for Father Yahweh’s protection upon you.

      Shalom Sir!

  6. This is truly humbling and energizing. Yahweh is really with His servants everywhere. As the prophets and the apostles suffered yet persisted; by never giving up the righteous work, Kahan you’re a real saint.

    You telling the whole world that even if they arrest you, they can’t arrest your sense of judgement and they can’t shut you up. I’m far away in Ghana West Africa (poverty stricken continent) but i refuse to allow poverty to prevent me from practicing the Perfect Laws of Yahweh.

    I really appreciate and it’s a great experience reading from you. I will print and read it loud to our members to motivate them as I am now.

    May Father Yahweh continue to strengthen you, hope, peace, love, long life and the courage to stand up for the Great Work of Yahweh which has now reached every single country in the world.
    Yahweh Aleichem!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tonyah says:

    As I read this letter I can’t help but be reminded of the Great Prophets & Apostles of old that were imprisoned by Satan’s beastly system! How even prison bars could not stop them, nor has it stopped the Great Kohan Yedidyah Hawkins from Teaching!

    This letter just as theirs was, is full of prophecy & teachings of Great Father Yahweh! May we all stand as strong as our Great brother is standing, praise Yahweh!

  8. Hoy Mailroom says:

    The Great Kohan Yedidiyah has always stood fast in proclaiming Yahweh’s Laws as taught to him by Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins. Proverbs 22:6 Despite his hardships and trials, he continues to preach and teach. We look forward to seeing you back on stage proclaiming…”The Greatest Teacher on the Face of the Earth…Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins.” He is a wonderful example to: Be Brave! Be Strong! Be Faithful!

  9. Oh Great Kohan Yedidiyah! Your humility is an inspiration to me and I know to others. You are missed and truly “beloved”! Thx for the “PS” updates. Keep up with the news 4 sure so you can continue to teach us! NOONE has filled your shoes We ALL want you home! May Yahweh bless you!

  10. Andre Jones says:


  11. Karl Fountain says:

    It was truly great to hear from The Great Kohan Yedidiyah! Hearing him rejoice and seeing that he is still remaining positive and strong in the faith during this great persecution against The House of Yahweh is extremely inspiring and very uplifting.

    What a great blessing it is to have in these last days an example of what the prophets of old went through simply because their only desire was to serve Yahweh and all of His creation. The Patriarchs of old suffered greatly for their love of Yahweh’s Laws, and to be able to witness firsthand what Kohan Yedidiyah is experiencing for the love of Yahweh, gives us a great understanding of what they (Yahshua, the Prophets and the Apostles) had to endure.

    Stand strong Great Kohan Yedidiyah, because your work is not going unnoticed, and I know your rewards are soon to come. The work that you are doing is helping us to prepare, because we know from what the Last Days Witness Overseer Yisrayl Abel Hawkins has taught us is there may be more to come.

    Deacon Bedeyah

    p.s. We are praying for you daily Great Kohan Yedidiyah, and we long see your face and to hear you teach. May Yahweh bless you and keep you safe!


    Although far away, but see how near you are to us, oh great Yedidyah Hawkins; you will never be forgotten by us because you are part of our family(YAHWEH’s FAMILY). YAHWEH willing, you will be back home to continue in this last days work which you already find delight in doing, we love your courage; you will not be forgotten by YAHWEH.

  13. Johnson Yahdah Hawkins says:

    I pray and hope in father YAHWEH that the nuclear baby take an effect soon,. Because i am hoping to see our king YAHSUA come’s and then the great kingdom of YAHWEH reign. Kohan YEDIDIYAH Shalom !

  14. Yahshayah says:

    We miss you so much Great Kahan.
    I still remember visiting you in the belly of the beast, you were the one cheering us up, lol, still standing in your place even then, even tho it must have been difficult. You said that we should come and visit again, i wanted to but unforeseen circumstances made it impossible, ( such is the work of Hillel ).
    Pastors voice and yours are the first voices I ever heard teaching Yahwehs laws, and giving me answers to the great questions i had long pondered, and the ones I didn’t even know to ask, long before I decided to come to Able to keep the feasts.
    You have helped so many to come to desire righteousness and perfection. Your humbleness and humility righteousness and perseverance in the face of the seemingly insurmountable odds against is inspiration to all of us.
    Your people all over the world love you, including us here in Canada.
    We know who you are, you are The Great Kahan Yedidyah Hawkins, The Second Greatest Teacher in the World .
    We Will be seeing You soon !

  15. Atta Adjei Frempah says:

    I wish Yahweh people around the world shalom in Yahshua name.

  16. Yeremyah says:

    Shalom Aleichem,May the peace of Yahweh be with you Kohan Yedidiyah and the HOY in general. New in the calling and ever thanking Father Yahweh for adopting me into His family. Heard about you and the Holy Priesthood is always praying that Father Yahweh bring you home soon. How awesome that you don’t place priority on your physical state of affairs (the chains) but you mind about HOY and the impending disaster even the nuclear war that certainly is coming to be. Thank you for exhorting us and following up on us. Shalom Aleichem.

  17. levi says:

    Whats up dad?

  18. Abby says:

    Yeah what’s up dad?

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