Learning To Keep the Seventh Day Sabbath

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches from the First Book of Samuyl Chapter 8
Excerpt from The Seventh Book of Yisrayl, Part 1, page 13…

But here we see in I Samuyl 8:1, it says–
When Samuyl became old, he made his sons Judges over Israyl…

Well of course, that was a mistake because his sons had not proven to be Righteous.
And, of course, they led them downhill, not uphill.

Verse 5 he says–
Saying to him; You are old, and your sons do not walk…

This was the nation Israyl, coming before him and saying–
… Your sons do not walk in your ways. Appoint us a king to judge us; just like all the other nations…

Well, it was them now, see, that were coming to Samuyl to reject him. What they should have done was said, “Appoint us teachers, and appoint us Judges. Let’s get some men who are righteous and put in place of your sons here.”

But they didn’t.
They wanted a king like all the other nations.

Well of course, Yahweh said in verse 7
Yahweh answered Samuyl, and said: Listen to all the words the people speak to you, for they have not rejected you; they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them…

• This was all in Yahweh’s Plan.
• Nothing occurred that was not in Yahweh’s Plan.
• He did this to prove a point.

He proved one point after another one throughout all of these books. And if you’ll look at them as you study these books, you’ll see that Yahweh allowed this to occur for your sake—for your sake, so you would know not to ever allow this to occur again.

This was being taught in Abilene (Abel) by the way. It was being taught that you had better keep these teachers going throughout.

When David left Abel, and went out and took Israyl and Judah—took the whole twelve tribes and went in to conquer the land of Israyl that Yahweh had given him, supposedly, to wipe out the heathen worshipers, he took them. He did not continue this practice like he was supposed to have done, and neither did Solomon after him. And Solomon kept getting lower and lower, another king without a head. He just kept sinking lower and lower, until he finally saw his mistakes and then he repented, but it was too late then, of course.

He allowed Israyl to go into, deeply into it, of all kinds of sexual sins, just as we see in the world today.

And how do I know that?

Because here a little and there a little.

You have to remember that, here a little and there a little.

If the Scriptures had not been written as they are written, mankind—Satan would have used mankind and she could have destroyed what we can learn, you know, and what we can prove.

I remember in years of college, I knew this simple fact that it had to be—you had to gather all of these—all of these things from all the different Prophets on a subject. Now once you got them gathered together, you could understand how to keep the Sabbath.

If you didn’t get them all together, you would never understand it.
You would never understand how to really keep the Sabbath, as Yahweh kept the Sabbath.

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