Knowledge Will Increase

Excerpt from sermon given by Yisrayl Hawkins on 06/02/12…

The Increase in Technical Knowledge of the World and the Bringing Forth of Yahweh’s Work — in the Same Time Period

Daniyl said that in a certain time period, where he actually saw Two Witnesses, you would see also knowledge increase, in that time period. Now, this next statement should increase your Faith tremendously if you would just think about it.

The Zeus Z3 1941 considered the world’s first working programmable fully automatic computing machine… 1941
I was born in 1934.
This machine that increases the knowledge of the world can also make margarine. You could put things in, it programs it. You can show what a substance will do, you can keep it in file. It gives everyone in the world a name and a number. This thing is powerful knowledge, the increase in knowledge.

Now, we didn’t have this when I was born but it was developed, the first one was developed and put into action in 1941. I was seven years old at that time. Knowledge will increase. Knowledge will increase and show from that knowledge that will increase, you will bring forth bombs that will darken the sun and the moon and destroy the earth unless Yahweh stops it.

Now He gives you a time period. We didn’t have computers when I was born. We didn’t have any of this stuff that we have today. This is an antique mall that I showed you. That’s the way we were living, if you would visit one of those antique malls–I think some of our evangelists are going to start talking about these antique malls that they stopped to see, because this shows you what it was like in my lifetime. And I’m not yet a hundred years old. All of this has developed in the last hundred years, including the cars you drive and so forth, computer operated cars now, computer operated.

1941, the first workable computer

Well, if you noticed this week, the big problem is the computer virus. The nuclear bombs could not have been invented, they couldn’t be run, the planes couldn’t fly, you couldn’t drive your automobiles without the computers now. You could in my lifetime. You could in the first cars. The first car that I owned was actually fired by what we called a magneto. And that was a positive running opposite to a negative and it created a spark every time the two met and that spark was sent to a spark plug which fired or which set the gasoline on fire and gave you energy to push that car down the road. It’s a very simple operation and that was the thing for years and years and years.

Now it’s quite different.
It’s all operated, your brakes and everything, is operated by a computer.

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