Keeping the Sabbath – Calls to Remembrance the Righteousness of Yahweh and His Laws

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches from The Book of Yahweh
Excerpt from the Seventh Book of Yisrayl Part 1…

Hebrews 7:4-6
4. Now consider how great this man was, to whom even the Patriarch Abraham gave a tenth of the plunder.
5. And truly, those who are of the sons of Levi, who received the office of the Priesthood, have a Commandment to receive tithes from the people according to the Law, which means: from their brothers, even though their brothers are descended from Abraham.
6. But this man whose genealogy is not traced from Levi, received tithes from Abraham who had the promises.

So we have on the one hand, the Levites paying tithes to this man, so he’s greater then everything that was put out under the days of David, under the kingdom of David.

He’s greater than all of this and actually a representative of Yahweh’s Kingdom.

He was so strict in keeping Yahweh’s Laws and guiding others, he actually guided Abraham. He was Abraham’s teacher in the Laws, and this is what made him—Abraham himself so wise and great.

Hebrews 7:7
7. Yet beyond all contradiction, the lesser person is blessed by the greater…

Of course. Well, of course, this was now Melchizedek, Melchizedek the Priest, the King of Peace.

Get this in your mind now, the King of Peace.

He was a King of Peace and a King of Righteousness.

The word peace itself, first off it means to be safe. Now if you would put together all the things that King David said, who was put under the grindstone, you know. David was a great example for all of us and I think he stood up marvellously to what he had to go through and especially when he was put out on his own without a head. He made mistakes, yes, he made some mistakes.

And that was Yahweh’s purpose in showing us how easily it is for a man, who loved Yahweh and His Laws so much, to do such a great crazy thing as he did. But he allowed himself to make a foolish mistake, that would have been worked out later had he not, but he failed the test and he gave into sin.

Well, of course, Boaz didn’t. If you remember the story of Boaz, you remember he didn’t give into sin.

And if you read the strictness that he went through to make sure that everything was lawful and right with Yahweh, which he did. You will see that he was a great Priest of Yahweh Most High and one of the Judges—one of the Judges of Abilene, that kept Abilene so strictly guarded and made sure that nobody sinned that was under his jurisdiction or under his—his fifty, or ten, or a hundred, whatever he had.

But remember all the things that King David said, and finally, you know, even Solomon finally learned about his stupidity. He was the wisest man on earth to begin with, and then fell and gave in, much like King David his father, making mistakes.

The only way that you can—you can keep from this brethren, is to make up your mind in advance.
Don’t miss a Sabbath!
Don’t miss the Sabbath meetings, the Holy Convocations, because they are what keeps your mind sharp. They keep your mind lubricated with Righteousness and keep the Righteousness coming to remembrance all the time.

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