The Inquisitions

The House of Yahweh details a history of violence (the Inquisitions) and plans to resurrect the Roman Empire to achieve peace. Excerpt from free monthly newsletter…

Again, continuing in the article, Martyrs and Persecutions:

The Inquisitions
The word inquisition means “to inquire into”. By the middle ages when the church heretics came to be regarded as enemies of the state and persecution of the heretics was still mostly unorganized. The inquisition was an attempt to organize and bring order and legality to the process. By this time the state and the church were unified and people felt that heresy threatened the order of society. So heresy was both a crime against church and civil law.
The church sought out those accused of the crime and first tried to instruct them in the Catholic doctrine. If the person insisted in their belief, then they were handed over to the state for punishment – usually burning at the stake. By the end of all three official inquisitions over 68,000,000 Protestants, Pagans and heretics were murdered.

The Papal Inquisition (1231)
Over 900,000 Protestants were killed as a result of the inquisition against the Waldenses alone.

The Spanish Inquisition (1480-1834)
Organized by Pope Sextus IV… culminating in the expulsion of all Jews from Spain in 1492. It did not officially end until 1834

The Roman Inquisition (1559)
Pope Paul II organized this inquisition to combat the spread of Protestantism and largely focused on the writings of theologians. So in 1559, an Index of Forbidden Books was created – these were said to offend faith and morals. Oh yes, and many reformers and leaders and converts were burned with their offensive books. By the way, one of these offensive books was the Bible in the language of the people.

The Modern Office of Inquisition
The office of Inquisition was a system to remove heresy, it has had three name changes:
• 1542-1908. Sacred Congregation of the Universal Inquisition.
• 1908-1988. Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office.
• 1988-Present. Sacred Congregation for the doctrine of the faith

The office of Inquisition still exists in the Vatican. Due to protests, it has been renamed as the office of sacred congregation for the doctrine of the faith since 1988.

U.N. committee investigates Catholic Church child sex abuse as torture
GENEVA, Switzerland, May 5 (UPI) — A United Nations committee meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday and Tuesday is framing the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal as torture.

In February another U.N. panel, the Committee of the Rights of the Child, excoriated the church for shielding priests accused of sexually abusing children, by the thousands, around the world. It criticized the church for its lack of openness and responsiveness, and recommended the Vatican remove any priest suspected or convicted of child abuse and open its files on offenders and those involved in cover-ups.

Human rights groups have asked torture review boards to consider the issue as well. The World Organization Against Torture, and umbrella group of anti-torture groups, said in a statement, “The Holy See has failed in its duties to prevent torture and other acts of ill-treatment within its jurisdiction,” thus violating the U.N. Convention Against Torture.

By force and violence, they have taken their profaneness–sodomy and other kinds of God worship–into all nations on earth.
Their plans now are to resurrect the Roman Empire and to force a one-world religion, as in days past. To them, this force means peace

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