How Yisrayl Hawkins Changed My Life

by Hungry and Thirsty For The Truth

My life changed when I came to the Great House of Yahweh. My first Feast was in 1992, the Feast of Tabernacles.

My father taught me of Father Yahweh’s Great Name when he was preaching one time. I was in high school when he mentioned that we have to go back to the original name of Father Yahweh, Creator of heaven and earth. He taught that the True Name of the Savior is Yahshua Messiah, He didn’t die on Friday, He died in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon and that the security took him out of the pulpit.

I started looking for people who worship in Yahweh’s Name. I came to California in 1985 to visit and I started to have the urge to find the place where people worship in Yahweh’s Name.

In March of 1990 I was hired to take care of an elderly man. One day I had to bring him to the doctor’s office. There on the waiting table was a magazine entitled, U.S. News. In it there was an article, “Yahweh had an Asheva.” After reading it, I wrote to the magazine’s editor to see if he could help me find the place where people worship in Yahweh’s Holy Name. I never received an answer.

In August of 1992, I received a copy of the Biblical Archeology Review magazine. It had an advertisement about the lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets. This information bothered me all day, like I was so sick. Finally I wrote to the address, mailed it, and waited for a week. I got hold of the book. As I read, there was an awakening of the teachings, explanation of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Laws of Father Yahweh and His Ways. I had found it finally, the Whole Truth, which says Yahweh’s House is the pillar and ground of the Truth.

I was thirsty and hungry for this Truth in my life. This started a change in my life. As I read, the study filled me up to know and to get an understanding of this Truth. I asked for more information to satisfy me that this was the place. Then I received an invitation to come to the Feast. I came early, October 5th, of 1992. I was in Yahweh’s Camp. I got baptized. It was so wonderful to know Father Yahweh’s Ways.

Yisrayl Hawkins invited me to come to volunteer for the Great House of Yahweh. Oh, I was so joyful to have been given an opportunity to serve Father Yahweh. As I served, I began to look forward to being worthy of my calling. Now it truly brings changes in me.

The Truth, the Words of the Scriptures, became alive in my life, as it taught me to see my sins, recognize them and repent. The testing helped me to become humble, as I learned more every day applying them in my daily tasks. It was hard, and I am still struggling with things I do not understand.

But the most thrilling is that in spite of the struggles, trials and tests; I have learned to love Father Yahweh’s Great House. I have desires of seeing the Great Kingdom, of serving everyone, of seeing Father Yahweh and His Great Son Yahshua Messiah. Yisrayl Hawkins taught me to be a worthy servant of Yahweh and to live a life free of sin.

I sincerely thank Yisrayl Hawkins who stands for the Truth. He continues to guide me in my walk in life to be in the Great Kingdom of Father Yahweh.

Fed and Looking Forward

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