How the teachings of Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins has changed my life

No longer am I an orphan I am now truly part of the greatest family on earth.

Looking back at my mere 32 years of life, I can truly attest to the fact that the teachings of Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins have indeed changed my life.

I was orphaned at the age of three. My mother died from an infected back injury and I never knew the identity nor whereabouts of my father. I was raised by my grandmother, and later on an aunt with her family.

Early on in life I was told that my mother led a promiscuous lifestyle and I was a product of that. Other relatives alluded to notion that I was somehow “destined” to grow to be “just like my mother” with regard to her life-style. And true to the fact I started the ball rolling in that direction with my choice of clothing: really short shorts and skirts, really short tops. “They think that way of me anyhow. “I thought, “I might as well live up to their expectations. After all they’re the adults so they must know what they’re saying.”

Additionally, I was mentally groomed to feel sorry for myself. One relative would continually say to me” Remember you have no mother, you have no father and nobody cares about you in this world. “I took that constant statement to heart. Often I would think that my life had no meaning. That it would have been better for everyone if I was not even born, after all I was a mistake and probably if I died nobody would really miss me.

As a teenager I often had suicidal thoughts that I never let anyone know about. I felt lost among everyone. I had an inner loneliness, a hole deep within my being that I didn’t know how to fill. I felt sorry for myself. I looked at other children in families and felt a strong jealousy that I didn’t have that. I felt like an intruder in my aunt’s family, a burden to my grandmother, an unwanted child to my mother, as I would later learn from a friend of the family that my mother was trying to find several ways to kill me while I was in her womb. I truly was self-absorbed into thinking lowly of myself and sorry for myself.

I grew up as a Catholic yet many of the teachings seemed inconsistent to me. I attended the Pentecostal Church with my aunt several times; there too something just was not right. As I advanced in my teenager years, I felt that there had to be more to life. I began to make an earnest attempt to seek religious guidance. I began reading my bible in a serious way, and for the first time I was seeing instructions that I never knew about before. Not too long after the opening of what was to me the beginning of my spiritual enlightenment, I learnt of The House of Yahweh.

Indeed this is what my life was missing!!! I still remember my first visit to The House of Yahweh here locally in March of 1996.Yahweh’s people stood out to me as a Great body of People even back then, there was that special something, that I knew I found what my life was missing all along. My family, my Yahweh family of which I am blessed and honored to be a part of to this day.

As I grew in the faith with the teachings of The Great Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins I am learning to overcome my selfish nature. Pastor has taught me through his words of life and more so by his example, the true meaning of selflessness and servitude. I have learnt and experienced the true joy that comes from thinking of someone other than myself. To do my part to make someone comfortable be it a stranger who visits the House of Yahweh for the first time or just someone who’s having a bad day and needs that bit of encouragement. It’s all about serving others, and doing it joyfully just as Pastor and Yahweh serves us.

Pastor Yisrayl’s teachings have indeed changed my life in many ways. I have truly been blessed in numerous aspects. I now have a family of my own with the honor of being a wife to a loving, righteous man of Yahweh and added to my basket of blessings are three beautiful children, the fruit of my womb. As a wife and mother, I am able to practice those attributes of selflessness and servitude on a constant basis. Though it’s testing at times, the blessings that come are far more worthwhile.

I am still learning and still have more growth to do but I know with the spiritual guidance I receive here at Yahweh’s Great House from the Greatest Teacher in this world and as long as I am willing and obedient I will become a true daughter of Yahweh in this Great Yahweh family.

Truly I can say that no longer am I an orphan. I am now part of the greatest family on earth.

To sum it all up for me is this little poem:

I have found the purpose for my existence, my true reason for living
It all began the very first day, I accepted my calling
The things I did back then I no longer do
For now my spirit is being renewed to be holy and true

The teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins have indeed changed my life
I have been blessed with the position as a mother and wife
I can’t imagine what my life would have been
If Pastor did not uncover the cloak over my sins.

So to all my fellow brothers and sisters I say
Remain strong and faithful, endure day by day
Continue to let Pastor Yisrayl Hawkins be the apple of our eyes
And forever we will be with him at his side.

Yours in Yahshua

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  1. George Gaither says:

    Praise Yahweh.

  2. Thank you for this testimony and may we all as servants continue to be witnesses of the great annointed witness Yisrayl Hawkins!!

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