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Excerpt from House of Yahweh monthly magazine…

Revelation 18:5
For her sins have reached unto heaven, and Yahweh has remembered her iniquities!

The heavens is the firmament shown in:
Genesis 1:6-8
6 And Yahweh said: Let there be a firmament (expanse) between the waters and let there be separation between waters from the waters.
7 So Yahweh made the firmament (expanse), and separated the water under the firmament (expanse) from the water above it. And it was so.
8 And Yahweh called the firmament (expanse) sky. And the evening and then the morning were the Second Day.

Sins such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, and sodomy cause STDs.

The firmament is made up of micro-kingdoms of friendly bacteria that form raindrops to water the earth. There are also micro-kingdoms that constantly adjust to filter the sun’s rays. The viruses or STDs, created by her spoken of in Revelation 18:5 through her teaching of lawlessness to the minds in the world have entered the firmament. Just as the STDs have multiplied on the earth, they have multiplied in the waters, both freshwater and saltwater, and in the firmament.

The AIDS virus rapes bacteria. At this time, it is raping the micro-kingdoms in our firmament rendering them unable to do their assigned jobs. The firmament is getting weaker and weaker. The earth is getting warmer and the rain is not being properly adjusted. The sun’s rays are not being properly adjusted. The earth mourns and fades away.

For those of you who want to repent and come out of this evil and adulterous generation, Yahweh has provided a place for you to do so in these Last Days.

Micahyah 4:1-3
1 But in the Last Days it will come to pass that the mountain; promotion, of The House of Yahweh will be established in the chief of the nations. It will be raised above all congregations; and all peoples will eventually flow to it.
2 And many people will go and say; Come, and let us go up to the mountain; uplifting, of Yahweh, and to the House of the Father of Yaaqob, and He will teach us of His Ways, and we will walk in His Paths. Because the Laws will depart from Zion, and the Word of Yahweh from Yerusalem.
3 And He will judge between many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, nor will they learn war anymore.

Yahweh has fulfilled this Prophecy in these Last Days.

For full information concerning the real cause of Global Warming and the history of The House of Yahweh; the destruction of The House of Yahweh; and why The House of Yahweh did not exist for many years, call, write, or email us. There are many Prophecies in your bible concerning The House of Yahweh and the Two Witnesses. You really need this information to understand the Plan of Yahweh, how He will protect His House, and stop sin, sickness, disease, confusion, violence, and war through this Last Days’ promised Protected Place.

Yahshua Messiah said to sin no more, less a worse thing come upon you.
Yahchanan 5:14
Afterward, Yahshua found him in the sacred precincts of The House of Yahweh, and said to him: Behold, you are healed. Sin no more, or a worse thing will come upon you.

The whole world is deeply involved in sin. It is more than the earth can stand, which fulfills the following Prophecy at this time.
Isayah 24:20
The earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard, and will sway like a hut. The transgression in it will be heavy upon it; it will fall, and not rise again.

He also said to come out of her, do not partake of her sins.
Revelation 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Come out of her, My People, so that you do not partake in her sins, and so that you do not receive of her plagues.

The Apostles tell you how.
Acts 3:19
Repent therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out; that times of refreshing may come from the Presence of Yahweh.

The Prophets show you where.
Deuteronomy 12:5
But you are to seek the Habitation of your Father; The House of Yahweh—the place which Yahweh your Father shall choose out of all your tribes to establish His Name—and there you must go.

His Habitation is exactly where His Prophets said it would be. Write, call or email us for full details of this Last Days’ Prophesied House and where to keep your Appointments with Yahweh. We are here to help you come out of her sins.

The House of Prayer for all is here doing the Work it is prophesied to do of taking Yahweh’s Message to all the world.

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