Finally, At Last We’ve Found Father Yahweh And The One Sent

by Follower of the One Sent

Yahweh came to us through a television program that my husband was watching. When I came home from work, the first thing my husband said was, “His Name is Yahweh, and I’ve got to tell you that if you can’t believe what I’m telling you, then I’ll just leave and go to Pennsylvania by myself!” So I said, “If that’s what you believe, I believe it too.”

He had been reading the King James Version of the bible for months searching for some answers. So when it came time for the Feast of Tabernacles, I told my boss we were going to be gone ten days. I had that much time saved up. He said if you don’t come back in time, we will have to let you go.

So we left and went to Pennsylvania, very expectant for the truth! But we soon found out, just by how the people were, that Yahweh wasn’t there! But we went ahead and stayed the nine days. On the last day after the service was over, we went to our tent to prepare to go home, and a stranger we hadn’t seen before came up as my husband was taking down the tent and asked if he could help. So my husband agreed and in ten minutes everything was in the car. The man said to my husband, “You need to leave now!” We were very puzzled by that statement, but we agreed and left.

So we went home in awe of what had occurred. As we got about a hundred miles down the road my husband said, “That had to be a malak. He was too clean cut, immaculately clean!”

In 2009, my husband was listening to a radio show called the Power Hour, and they were going to give away a satellite to the first veteran who wrote a letter telling why he deserved to win. About a week later they called my husband and told him his satellite was in the mail. He had won the contest.

When it arrived, we proceeded to put it together and turned it on. We were searching the channels to see what programs we had and there was “our Pastor” doing the Prophetic Word Program. We were stunned! My husband said, “He’s the one we’ve been looking for!” Right then we knew that Yahweh had been guiding us for years to find him. We were very comfortable in our home in Kentucky, and it was hard to leave it. But Yahweh allowed our Red River, which was 150 feet from our house to flood in 2010, so we fixed our home back up to sell and left to come to The House of Yahweh. We have been very blessed for the past three years in August to call this our permanent home until we get called to the Kingdom. Praise Yahweh!

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