Eye See Yisrayl Hawkins, I See Yahweh

by I Can Now See

As a small child, bible reading was a consistent part of my family life. In fact, when my sister and I would go out to play by our old apple tree in the backyard, nine times out of ten, it would involve some form of Scripture reading or memorization.

By the age of seven, I wanted to know and understand everything about the Scriptures! I would dream at night and day dream in the daylight hours about me living in the days of Moses and the Savior. I had so many questions that my young mind was constantly overwhelmed! I vividly recall the frequent bouts of physical and mental fatigue as a direct result of the overwhelming disappointment of not receiving answers from my many adult, religious authorities at home, school or church.

All I wanted was to see things the way the Creator intended from the beginning; like, why did He have to say “Do not eat the swine,” or why did He have to remind us to “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy,” or why weren’t the names of any of the churches in our hometown written or mentioned in the bible or why was one of my family members labeled a “sinner” because her church allowed them to wear pants, smoke cigarettes, wear makeup and play BINGO twice a week; or the one that seemed to be the ‘insanest’ of them all: Why did the Creator have men to write the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Revelation if He did not want you to read them (as the adults and preachers told me and my mother)!

By the age of thirteen I had had enough! It seemed that the majority of the people around me lived opposite of the Scriptures and absolutely no one understood or could explain to a child the Scriptures or Prophecies!

Seventeen years later and having never given up on searching for the TRUTH/answers, Father Yahweh called me to His House where I would lay my eyes on the Great Yisrayl Bill Hawkins!

This event would change my life forever! My first Feast when I heard and saw Yisrayl Hawkins on stage with my very eyes, it was like sitting in on my own spiritual cataract surgery. As I looked and listened to him, my eyes began to open and I understood so much. Many questions I had carried with me for decades, were instantly answered! I can’t recall how many times during his sermons, I mentally declared, “Now I see, Oh! Now I see!”

Yisrayl Hawkins continues to remove the film of deception from my eyes to this day. It would take volumes of Books (Books of Yisrayl) to cover all the things he has shown and taught me about Yahweh’s Feasts and His Sabbath Days!

To this day, I always challenge myself in daily situations, including world events and news, to think, “How would Yisrayl Hawkins see this?” From the cannibalistic effects of cannabis to the pedophilic practices of priests or coaches, I want to see it as Yisrayl Hawkins does. Because of his teachings, I am pleased to say that I can see many things the way he has taught me, the way Yahshua saw Norah despite her accusers, the way Yahweh saw King David and Adam and Eve after they repented and the way Yisrayl Hawkins sees Hitler, Sandusky and many others—all with the Love of Yahweh.

I am most thankful to Yahweh for this! Yisrayl Hawkins is “bringing me up and raising me up” in the Perfect Laws of Yahweh. Yes, TRUE information comes only through the One Yahweh has sent to open our eyes, while understand is from Yahweh!

Eyes that do not see are useless! So come. See Yisrayl Hawkins. See Yahweh! Because when Eye (I) see Yisrayl Hawkins, I see Yahweh.

Thankful for the Teachings

For more information visit www.yahweh.com or www.yisraylhawkins.com

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  1. Brenda Long says:

    Praise Yahweh, I am thankful for The Teachings too and when Eye I see Yisrayl Hawkins, I see Yahweh. Without Yisrayl Hawkins, how could we ever know Yahweh? Thank you

  2. Brenda Long says:

    Praise Yahweh, I am thankful for The Teachings too and when Eye I see Yisrayl Hawkins, I see Yahweh. Without Yisrayl Hawkins, how could we ever know Yahweh? Thank you
    As a child, I always read/studied the scriptures too

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