Deception: History in Three Parts

Excerpt from a sermon by Yisrayl Hawkins 08/20/2011

The Prophets actually died rather than give in to doing away with what the Prophets had written, the Prophets before them.

The Apostles died.

They were murdered and they gave in to giving their lives and they were ready to die rather than to preach a false doctrine that the Pharisees were putting out at that time.

Changing the Name, that went way back to the days of Yeremyah. Remember? They took the Name of Yahweh out. Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 23, where they brought the sodomites; the sodomites that now govern the seven hills of Rome. The Sodomites, as is shown in Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 23, their same teaching identifies them as the Vatican in Rome that sits on seven hills, their teaching.

  • Sodomy is one.
  • Worshiping the rabbis, whom they call lord, the lord and lords, that’s the number two teaching.
  • Number three is they do away with the written instructions of the Prophets.

    Instead of believing and following the written instructions, as Yahshua said, they do away with them and said, “No, you do what we tell you today. Don’t follow these written instructions. Don’t call upon the Name Yahweh.”

    Throughout history we see a fight against Yahweh starting with Cain.

    So it shouldn’t be any surprise to you, if you’ve read the history of the crusades, if you’ve read what took place now in the United States, in Oklahoma where they killed off Yahweh worshipers that had come here before Columbus, long before Columbus and they used the Name Yahweh.

    And they did away with them. They set up schools for them so they could reeducate them. Those schools are still in existence today and guess who’s in charge of the schools.

    You should know that the Catholic church, of course, is in charge of what goes on, what is taught in the schools. That’s the reason they fought against the creation issue rather than Darwin’s theory of evolution.

    But our Foundation, our Foundation is not Darwin.

    Our Foundation is not the pope.

    Our Foundation is the written Word of the Prophets and the Apostles and Yahshua Who gave instruction to the Apostles and gave examples of how to keep the Sabbath Day. He was a Perfect Example of how to keep the Sabbath Day. That is our Foundation.

    Yahweh shut off the light from them as is shown by the Prophets of Yahweh. He took or He shut off the light from the prophets of Jerusalem because they brought profaneness.

    They were bringing profaneness to the people and causing them to go wrong.

    They’re the ones that divided this Kingdom that Mosheh set up. They divided it.

    They started fighting among each other and forming religions. Each one would form a religion.

    They couldn’t go to Jerusalem or they would be worshiping there and giving their tithe to Jerusalem.

    So each kingdom they would set up out of these twelve tribes they would also set up a religion and they would appoint priests. And, of course, the generation coming up, they wouldn’t know about what had taken place before and who actually had a Plan of Salvation and the Gods that they were fighting against and Satan who was trying to deceive. They wouldn’t know this because they had their own religion.

    So in the Pharisees alone, and Sadducees and Essenes they bickered among themselves. One of them believed in a resurrection and that’s what they taught. The others didn’t believe in a resurrection. They believed in the eternal soul. You never die and so forth…

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