Computers and Nuclear Bombs

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For six thousand years man’s knowledge remained the same. Tools, fashioned by hand and horsepower, actually came from the use of horses. This was so up until the last one hundred years of man’s history. However, Yahweh showed, through the Prophet Daniyl, that knowledge would increase in the time period of Yahweh’s Two Witnesses.

The Two Witnesses were prophesied to be born. They would do a work in what Yahweh called the Last Days or last generation. For details of the many Prophecies concerning the Two Witnesses, call, write or email us.

You cannot understand the Plan of Yahweh or the Writings of the Holy Scriptures without the knowledge of the Prophecies of the Two Witnesses and the Last Days’ Work they are prophesied to do. I urge you to call, write or email us for this information.

The fact of Daniyl’s Prophecy is that in the Last Days knowledge would be allowed to increase a little bit.

Why after six thousand years did Yahweh allow knowledge to increase?

The answer is to prove, in these Last Days or last generation, what mankind would do with that knowledge.

When the computer was invented, it was first used for war.
Yes! It was used by the military and its first project was the development of the atom bomb

Today, it’s the nuclear bomb.

The very thing that Yahweh’s Prophets foretold would bring great burning in this last generation.

Think of this: without the use of the computer, mankind would not have been able to invent the bomb, jet planes or guided missiles that carry the bombs to kill, kill, kill.

The Computer Was Never Used To Teach Peace or Righteousness, Or To Turn the World from Its Evil and the Evil of Their Ways.

Think of this: the first workable computers were put into operation in 1941. Notice, this is the last generation when knowledge was prophesied to increase.
Since the development of the computer in 1941, they have never been used for peace by any of the religions that lead the governments, that manage their armies and municipal systems. They have never made use of the computer for peace, only for money and war.
Before the Prophesied House of Yahweh was established in these Last Days, and for almost two thousand years after the Disciples of Yahshua were murdered for teaching Yahweh’s Commandments and Laws of Peace, not one other religion or government taught or practiced any sensible form of peace education.

It was only after Yahweh inspired the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program to be published, and the religions saw that it was popular and very much in demand, that they started scrambling to begin character education programs themselves.

One judge of the 104th district court, along with several politicians, recently told the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program team that they had read all of the other character programs and they were worthless.
They also said that the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program was the only one that made sense and is proven to work.

There is simply no peace in any of the practices of this world’s many religions, because they have all rebelled against Yahweh’s Laws of Peace.

That is why the nations are preparing for nuclear wars.
These wars will bring great nuclear burning at this time by using the knowledge that Yahweh allowed to increase to build bombs and missiles to destroy themselves.

The Prophets of Yahweh were right when they wrote the Prophecies about knowledge being increased and gave the generation in which those Prophecies would be fulfilled. They even show how mankind would use that knowledge for destructive warfare. With the increase in knowledge came even greater trouble because, with greater knowledge, they were able to build greater, more destructive weapons.

In the same chapter of Daniyl that shows the increase of knowledge, we see how that knowledge will be used by the religions that lead the armies.

Daniyl 12:1
And at that time, one who is like Yahweh will stand up at Abel; Yisrayl, the Great Priest, who stands at Abel to teach Yahweh’s Just, Perfect Laws to the children of Your People; and there will be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation to that same time. And at that time, Your People will be delivered, everyone who will be found written in The Book of Life.

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