Cancer Hits a New High

Excerpt from The House of Yahweh magazine…

The incidence of cancer and its mortality rates have soared to a new high, Health Ministry officials said.
Consultant Community Physician of the National Cancer Control Program, Dr Suraj Perera discussing the “Epidemiology of Cancer,” at a workshop on cancer early this week, said recent estimates revealed that oral, lung, oesophagus and colon cancer were the commonest among males, while breast, cervical, thyroid and ovarian cancer were common among females…

Note some of the headlines generated by a Google search for “cancer on rise”:
• Skin cancer on the rise in young women
• Thyroid cancer Incidence is rising
• Esophageal cancer on the rise
• Michael Douglas HPV comment highlights rise in cancers
• Pancreatic cancer: Deadly and on the rise
• Liver cancer on the rise in Canada
• Dangerous skin cancer on rise in Israel, says report
• Cancer Advances: Study shows dramatic rise in oral cancer
• Abortion-induced breast cancer on the rise in India
• World cancer toll is on the rise
• HPV-related oral cancers on rise
• Cervical cancer on the rise in developing world
• Study: Lung cancer on the rise in non-smokers
• Cancer to rise globally as more countries adopt western habits
• Testicular cancer on rise in U.S.

Something is wrong.

Surely anyone–scientists, doctors, hospitals, government leaders, even the supreme court–can see that.

The question is, how far does the population have to drop before admitting they are causing these horrors to come upon themselves, and admit that the whole of mankind needs to make changes toward prevention instead of deceiving themselves by saying, “we will probably find a cure” or “this drug promises to be helpful for certain types of cancer”, then return to their sins.

Science has no cures.

They will not tell you that they do, because they don’t, but they keep the world thinking that they will very soon if enough money is granted to their research.

How long has this been in progress?

Ever since the days when the twelve tribes of Israyl were living in Egypt. Yet, today, in this modern generation, diseases are incurable, just as prophesied.

What’s the reason?

It’s just as the Prophets and Apostles wrote.

Luke 24:25
Then He said to them: O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the Prophets have spoken!

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