Believe the Prophets Writings for These Last Days

Yisrayl Hawkins encourages us to believe all that the prophets have written – just as Yahshua Messiah did.
Consider this short excerpt from a sermon on 11/26/2011 – note the exhortation and knowledge imparted to those who take the time to hear his message…

The Inspired Scriptures – when I say inspired, I mean Yahweh inspired these scriptures to be written by the Prophets.

That’s the reason your Savior said in Luke 24:25, He said, you’re a fool if you don’t believe all that the Prophets have spoken.

And when He said or when He repeated Himself later and said, “Only believe,” and Christianity latched onto that for more deception and said, “Well, all you got to do is just believe.” You can go ahead and be as wicked as you want, break all the Commandments of Yahweh, which are given to you to protect you and your children, to protect you and your health throughout all eternity and will be used for that purpose.

But Christianity latches onto it and says, “Well, Jesus did it all for you.”

Today, the world is so confused; they don’t even know who Jesus is, or where the name came from.

But if—if they would even bother to look it up, they could find out that it came from Zeus, the god of war, the mighty God of war.

And, of course, this goes further back to Jupiter, a God that was killed before that, one of the great magi, that was a mighty ruler that killed a lot of people. You know, if you kill just one person, you’re a murderer, if you kill a whole bunch of them, you know, you’re a hero.

Well, these mighty ones, they killed a bunch of their enemies, their so-called enemies and became Gods then and that’s the way they are today.

And when one of them dies today, well do we make him a saint? Do we declare him a saint? Well, if they declare him a saint, that means he becomes a God and can answer prayers in heaven and they claim that he died and went to heaven. And as many people as he killed and as wicked as he was, you know, he still died and went to heaven.

Well, the Savior says believe the Prophets.

That’s the only way you can keep from being deceived is to believe all that the Prophets have spoken.

Well, what occurs with the Prophets?

First off, Yahweh tells you why you’re here.
• He tells you He created you.
• He tells you why He created you
• Then He offers you a place in His Kingdom

He offers you a place in His Kingdom if you will become in His Likeness and His Image, which is perfect righteousness.

Now, that is all taught in the first two chapters of Genesis.

Then He shows two trees there
• a tree of total righteousness, which The House of Yahweh represents,
• a tree of a mixture of righteousness and evil, which the Vatican represents and still is…

Well, how do we know then that a Higher Being inspires the scriptures?

• The main thing is the prophecies themselves.
• The prophecies are proving themselves. No person on earth, no person on earth, no one has ever lived; they do not have that power to predict the future.

The Being Who said this, He gives you, in detail, the Work that He is going to do and it starts as early as Genesis, in the beginning. And He predicts a Work there, actually for the Last Days that we see coming to pass right now.

Now, no man could do this.

Think of the nuclear bomb itself, which we have the fear of right now. We see how this ordeal is going on now, like a bunch of stubborn, rebellious children, in and around Syria, but scattered throughout the world and the United States involved in this thing.

Now, we brought out years ago, in fact, I’ve been bringing it out for almost fifty years, do you remember that? That the things that are taking place right now in book one [Mark of the Beast Volume 1] the very first book that I wrote back in the seventies, I showed the colors of the mushroom cloud that Yahweh predicted that would be used in the Last Days to wipe out four-fifths of the earth’s population.

Now we have come down to that time period. But the Holy Scriptures actually give the color, the three colors that make that mushroom cloud for you to look at, it’s there, you can see it. And I put it in that book and showed you the three colors that you lay down to get that and Yahweh gives the three.

He also gives you the fall-out. He gives you the color of it, and He said it would come down upon you from this great nuclear blast. He calls it blasting. They didn’t even have firecrackers back then! They did when I wrote the book, but they didn’t have it when it was prophesied! They were thinking about inventing it. Well, now we have it. And this is something that’s greatly feared.

But think of this now, they’re saying, “We’re going to wipe out, we’ve got to wipe out all but two billion people.”
If you get down to two billion, you’ve wiped out four-fifths of the earth’s population which the scripture shows is going to be wiped out by these nuclear wars, famine and disease epidemics…

The bomb is going to be invented in the Last Days.

It’s going to be used in the Last Days.

Yahshua said that’s the last generation.

You should read over and over and remember it, Luke 24:25.
You’re a fool it you don’t remember and believe all the prophets have spoken.

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