Be Like The Samaritan Woman – Spread Great Gossip!

Yisrayl Hawkins – the Work of Yahweh…

If anyone’s listening that doesn’t know the Prophecies of why Yahshua came riding into Jerusalem on two donkeys or a donkey and the donkey’s colt—
The first Prophecy of that is of the twelve tribes, where Yahshua inherits the Righteous Scepter, a Scepter of Righteousness.

He’s the Only One Who’s lived that Perfect Scepter of Righteousness and, of course, He is the High Priest and King over the donkey’s colts today.

The donkey’s colt today, whose Foundation, as we covered last week, is the Prophets; the Foundation of our Foundation is the Prophets, what they left to us in writing.
And this is what Yahshua and all the Apostles harped on was believing what is written by the Inspired Prophets and following what is written by them.

Yahshua lived the example for us and the twelve Disciples wrote about those examples.

So that’s our Foundation, the Prophets and Apostles with Yahshua being the Chief, the Chief High Priest over The House of Yahweh.

And under His Guidance, we’ve reached 101 million. That’s over 100 million people who have seen our website. Yes, 101,660,714! We know that they got the Message.

What they do with it, of course, I think probably it’s gonna be like the Samaritan woman. I’m thinking that there’s a lot of talk going on out there now throughout the world concerning this and concerning the Work of the Two Witnesses.

I would say from those, they could pretty well cover the world with a little bit of gossip or talk. There’s great gossip as well as bad, you know. That’s great gossip!

In fact, if people who like to gossip, if you’d turn that around, it could be beneficial.
You could pick things from the Book of Yisrayl and The Prophetic Word, the newsletter and say, “Hey, did you read so and so!” That will put them on the spot, see. “Well, why didn’t you?” “How come you don’t know what I’m talking about? You should have read it!”

Well, anyway, Yahshua, when He had a mission. He was bound to do this. He was led by Yahweh, inspired by Yahweh to stop off at the well of Yaaqob (Jacob’s Well). You all remember where that was, and then the well of Yaaqob, you should know why He was there. If you’d studied the rest of that you’d know why He was there. But then a certain woman came out, which Yahweh had inspired…
…She comes out and Yahshua gave her a message and she said well why are you, a Yahdai, talking to me?
And the big question there now that the commentators get on, they can’t figure this one out and I don’t know if you’ve thought about it or not, but how did she know that He was a Yahdai?

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