Be Humble and Be Taught By Yahweh Face to Face

Yisrayl Hawkins explains what being taught by Yahweh “face to face” actually means.
Excerpt from the Seventh Book of Yisrayl, Part 1…

If you, in studying the history, which I want to get back to here in just a little bit, if you will keep in mind when Mosheh brought the children of Israyl out of Egypt, he brought them to Abelin where they were taught for a certain length of time, and then teachers were trained.

Teachers were put over tens, and fifties, and hundreds, and so forth. This was in Abelin. Now they sent them out. Yahweh said, “You’ve stayed here long enough,” so they sent them out.

So they had to set up in different places of the world—I mean different places in Israyl. They had to set up places where they could get answers, and this is where you saw Samuyl, at the time, traveling.

He would appear, “Yahweh would appear,” before so and so, well, that was Samuyl and, of course, some of his chosen pupils that he had taught face to face, that Yahweh had taught face to face.

And the face was Samuyl that taught them, face to face, but Yahweh taught through Samuyl, and Samuyl was the Yahweh to them.

And those who rebelled, you know, they did cause a lot of trouble in Israyl, those who were not humble.

But they went out, and they did things on their own. This is where you see the troubles coming in from place to place.

But then people wanted their ears tickled, as one Scripture says, so they chose what priests they wanted. And whether or not they came from this organization that was set up under Jethro or not, they chose them so they had a priest.
And, of course, I guess this made them feel good, but it did not bring salvation, neither did it bring peace to Israyl.

And not everyone was taught then from Abelin.

But those who were taught from Abelin, Yahweh was working with them, and you can—you can see this in the history if you’ll just keep that in mind as you study and see the mistakes that were made.

The answers were not always coming from Abelin. They were coming from people who had rebelled against the Laws, as some do today, you know. They are like spoiled, disobedient children, not humble children, but spoiled, disobedient children who want to go their own way.

Anyway, keep that in mind, and then you will understand. You will understand.

You’ll also understand the governmental organization that we’ve got to set up here in order to have two billion people taught and trained and be ready as Servants of Yahweh in a very short time period.

This is the “Short Work” that we have to do, as Yahweh calls it, in the scriptures.

If you want to write that down, make a note of it, look it up later, and teach a sermon on it or whatever. But it’s a Short Work and we have to do it.

It’s going to be done in this time period, and we are getting ready at this time.

But you need to devote your efforts, you know, not to foolishness or play but to study.

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