According to Yahweh’s Plan – Heaven and Earth Will Witness the Final Results of Sin

Yisrayl Hawkins teaches on prophecies detailing the Last Days…

Isayah 14:21
21 Prepare slaughter for her children, because of the iniquity of their fathers…

The fathers are actually bringing about the slaughter of their own children. If we could get everybody to see that.

It’s like the sheriff that one of our men went to see down in Florida. He used to be very brutal; that is, in his thinking and attitude to the prisoners. Well, I saw him on the news one day and he had changed. His attitude had changed and he was going to the prisoners and saying, have you got everything you need today? Is everything all right with you?

Well, the reason he changed his attitude was his son was in jail.

A rapist, a brutal rapist, they have no feelings concerning their victims. But if they’re standing on the sideline and they see their friend or they experience one of their children going through this horror, they take a totally different attitude.

If we could get the world right now to see that you’re actually preparing slaughter for your children by taking away this Strength of Yahweh, which is His Laws, Statutes and Judgments.

Yahshua Messiah said these are the Laws of Yahweh.

If you would just stop and think. These are the Laws of Yahweh that change the hearts and minds of all the people…

Well, of course, Satan is prepared, notice…

Isayah 14:21
21 Prepare slaughter for her children, because of the iniquity of their fathers…

That’s what brings it about as Isayah verse 24 says—
24 Yahweh of hosts has vowed, saying: Just as surely as I have planned, so will it come to pass; just as surely as I have purposed, so will it stand:

Remember, they didn’t want to retain Yahweh in their knowledge so this cut them off from Yahweh and then this then gave them their reprobate minds that they have today where they want to gang up on a nation and go in and take it and they have no, no sympathy for men, women or children in that nation… [Isayah 59:1-2; Romans 1:18-32]

When we were at the U.N., we met people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki that did not die from it.

Those bombs were dropped in my lifetime. They were invented and dropped in my lifetime, as Yahweh said they would be.

Those bombs, these people were far enough away that they did not die, but every inch of their body was scarred. And they came to the U.N., saying, “please, no more,” begging, “No more”.

Well, you know, you look at them, okay, that’s fine, but you got your heart set on a piece of land called Iran. And you’ve classified this person, this piece of land as your possession but also your enemy. To hell with everything in it, men, women, and children. What do we care? Their suffering, what does it matter to us?

Well, that’s the slaughter they have prepared for their children. That’s the slaughter they’re preparing for Iran.

Yahweh shows it’s going to bite back.

Retaliation brings more retaliation.

It’s never solved a problem that I know of.
• Two wrongs don’t make a right as my dad always said.
• It never makes anything right.

But here we’re willing to go to war, sacrifice our children, men, women, and children.

It’s going to come our way too, big time.

Yahweh shows it’s going to come our way big time. No one’s going to escape this. Four-fifths of the earth’s population is going to be wiped out.

Think of the devastation to the land after that and the hurting and pain that’s going to go with this. And you can see what polluting the Sanctuary of Strength has brought to the twelve tribes of Israyl who are bringing through, bringing to pass this great four powers, represented by the four horns of the alter of death; death, disease, and sickness.

Well, in verse 24, Yahweh has allowed this.

This is part of His Plan.
Notice, nothing is taking place that’s not part of His Plan.
And He’s going to show heaven and earth what this brings, what sin brings

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